Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Happy Happy!

I can't believe how much I have accomplished in the last 2 days! Usually I put off the cleaning - not general tidying but actual cleaning - until my boys are asleep or off with Daddy. Well, let me be honest; when the boys are asleep I don't feel like lifting even my pinky! Are you kidding?! So needless to say the work piles up and causes me much embarrassment and stress.

However, yesterday I just started DOING it, and so much got done! It was awesome! I cleaned the whole upstairs, organizing toys and vacuuming, then cleaning the carpets. Now when I walk up the stairs instead of swallowing a giant guilt pill, I breathe in, exhale, all with an enormous smile on my face. It feels so good!

These bursts of energy don't go unnoticed though; the day before yesterday I attacked a huge laundry pile and in return my boys spread cottage cheese all over our couches and livingroom floor. Yesterday, while overhauling the upstairs, mushrooms were scattered haphazardly through the main floor and an onion died on the floor in front of our fridge. I do consider this destruction minor compared to the work I have done, though. Silly boys! Sometimes I wonder if I had only one 2 and a half year old, would such sneaky acts happen? Then I wonder, if I had MORE than 2 boys, perhaps older and wiser boys, what on earth would THEY come up with??? Hmmmmmm......

Today I have done more laundry and organized my room, where piles of books and clothes have grown at alarming rates. I swear to myself I will keep up with all this, so in the future it won't be such a huge project!! In the past, though, I have sworn the same thing. :))))