Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Truck!

We have a truck now!  It's not brand-spankin' new, but we love it anyway.  It was a work truck in it's former life, then up for auction and my husband put a bid in - long story short, we have a truck now.  The boys are REALLY excited, being as they are so star-struck when it comes to their dad and this used to be a "worker man's truck" from dad's work.  Now it's ours and though it needs some TLC and minor mechanical lovin' we are very excited to have a truck.  Trips to the mountains to visit family won't be nearly as squished now!!!  WOO HOO!

                                                      My extremely talented husband!!

                                                    "We have a truck now!!  YAY!!"

While Dad and JD work on the truck, David gets in some serious stunt practice...    yes his helmet says Spiderman.  The helmets are exactly the same so to tell them apart we stickered on some names. Spiderman and Speed.  Yep, we're cool like that!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preschool is OVER!

    It's official - the twins have graduated preschool.  The ceremony was short, cute, and I was totally fine...even glad to have the year over with.  No more volunteer commitments, no snacks to provide for 22 kids, nothing.  Then....

    The ceremony was on Wednesday and by Thursday night I was a wreck.  I know, I know - it's only preschool!!  But for some reason I am having a hard time letting go of my little babies and welcoming my big, strong little men.  I should have no problem;  they are already doing stunts on their bikes!  Riding with no hands, no problem... riding up a homemade ramp, hey it was my idea!  David even is apparently big enough to ride laying down (with his tummy on his seat)... that one did make me freak a little ("hey Mom, look at this!").  But thinking of them off for the summer before they start kindergarten - that leaves me in tears!  My little babies!!! 

Cute little chairs!!  Love 'em!

Nervous grad? ?

Soooo bored!

Way back then.... ok it was only September...
                                                           My guys on the first day!!!

  Now we are done; they've discovered, grown, and learned a bunch of stuff.  It's time for summer and all the exciting adventures ahead!  I still get them for 3 more months before they are really big little guys in kindergarten.  I am so grateful for this time with them, 4-going-on-5 is a Wonderful Age!!!