Sunday, November 30, 2008

Where is everyone?????

Things have changed in the new house. The computer is no longer in the same room as the kids' toys, which means I don't get to play around on it while keeping an eye on my guys!! I may or may not be going through withdrawls, haven't decided yet. I miss reading the great blogs I have become entranced with, and now have to cram it all in a short sitting during naptime. But that doesn't lessen the magic of them!!

As for my grand goals of befriending every neighbor on the block...I never see any! Strange; it seems as though we are the only ones living in this area, surrounded by empty houses. I notice cars have left or arrived, I hear the happy sounds of children at play but never see anyone. Even though this sounds as if I am peeking out of my curtains stalking neighbors, I promise that is not the case. I have to take my dog out several times a day, since we have no fence.
Where is everyone? I guess in this day and age there are no casseroles to be brought, no "welcome to the neighborhood" to extend. I remember growing up the countless casseroles my mother made, accompanying visits to newcomers, or anyone in need. Not that I expected people to bring us stuff; but I secretly hoped they would stop by so I could make some friends. I just know someone is thinking as they read this, "well why doesn't SHE drop by the neighbors?" . A very good question indeed, my friends. Why don't I? I have no answer other than YIKES!!! That is a much more forward action than I can take.... right now. Maybe after I have seen someone in their yard and could extend a hello first. After the initial greeting, I would feel much more relaxed about ringing a doorbell out of the blue.

But I would have to actually SEE someone outside first.

Possible reason for noone stopping by : a very large, very scary dog seems to bark the daylights out of himself whenever he sees anyone. Or anything. This belies the kind, gentle soul Diesel has; he would never hurt a fly or a person, maybe a cat but that's a given. Cats are his nemesis. He loves people though!! Sure his hello is a tad bit freaky, a little run-for-your-life-he-will-eat-you..... but really he is full of love and affection.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if no one comes over to say hello; I will get them. Someday I will HAVE to see someone outside, and that is when I will make my move. I'm not looking for lifelong friends here, although who ever has enough?

Monday, November 24, 2008


Well, we are here. Home. I love this place so much!!! What a busy few days we have had. Still unpacking and very favorite part! It's so much fun.

Friday afternoon we met our real estate agent at the house and he handed me my key! It felt so wonderful to turn the lock to my new home. We walked in....and WOW I had built the place up in my mind. Thinking about this house over the past few weeks has had the gossip effect; it kept getting bigger. Don't get me wrong; I love the house and it is the perfect size for us. Just funny how small it seemed at that moment.

We then rushed to pick up the UHAUL and load our stuff. With the boys at a friends house, we wanted to hurry. It took us about 4 hours to load all of the big stuff and most of the small stuff; BOY WAS I SORE!!!!!! But we weren't done! We drove to the new place and I took our car to pick up the boys. Then came the unloading....coming up to bedtime for the twins and where were the cribs?? In the front of the truck; we had to unpack nearly everything before we could reach them. YIKES!!! Not smart. With babies crying in the background, in a strange home and scared, we put the cribs together and managed to get them to bed. Thank goodness they were so tired they fell right to sleep! Back to the truck for us weary parents; we still had tons to unload.

Finally, with thoughts of a hot bath in my new tub, I helped my hubby unload the last heavy item. Thank goodness! Done!!! Now time to relax right? That's what I I took our pillows upstairs. On the way down, my slippery socks took my feet out from under me and I slid down the stairs, my feet smashing into some boxes stacked on the landing. OOOOOOUCHHHH!!!!!! @&*@&$)(@*&@!!!!!!!!
I yelled, then whimpered, and my husband (who was running out the door for takeout) came around the corner and asked if I was ok. I told him what happened and said my foot hurt....then took off my sock and SICK!! My middle toe on my right foot was totally crooked. My heart just sank....thoughts of a hot bath and sleeping babies drifted up and away from me; instead it was a trip to emergency in the local health center.

Four hours later, I was able to join my husband and boys in the car and head for home. David slept in the car the whole time I was told, and JD woke several times but each time was soothed back to sleep by a ride around the block. So, at 5 AM, we finally made it to bed. With a painful toe buddy-taped to the next one.
The next night...I had a hot bath in my new tub. Other than my gimp walk and hurting foot, has been a pretty great experience.
Pictures will come!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With only 3 days until we move, I have as much going on inside as I do in our house. So many thoughts!! I heard once that life is what you make it, and boy is that true. I will make our new life in our new home as great as it can be! As for this place....I have some notes for neighbors....

~to the boys who play in the complex: I will not miss how you used to ring our doorbell and run away. Not cool! I will miss the occasional hello you gave me and the few minutes of chatting, sharing your latest game or toy.

~to the nosy lady two doors down: I will NOT miss your 'need' to know all of our business...sorry I never managed to get the pet acceptance form to you. As my Dad used to say, "what difference will it make 100 years from now?" We had our dog for 4 years, I'm sure if the landlord didn't accept him you would notice. I will miss the rare smile and inquiry into how the boys are doing.

~to my next-door neighbor, I will miss you!! I will miss our chats, and I hope you are able to move home soon.

In our new home I have grand plans to be more open and friendly to the people in our neighborhood. That comment I made about life being what you make it? We've lived here for 4 years and I rarely made a point to visit with people. My excuse is I came from the city where no one makes eye contact. :) But had I been more open with people and let them in, we may have had a more enjoyable few years here filled with more friends and support systems. Instead I took to blaming them, for being so rude to outsiders. (insert shameful chuckle here)

This time, I will be friendly; I will do my best to get to know people and let them in.

I have one more note to a neighbor. To my dear friend a few blocks away.....
I will miss you so very much! I will miss our walks, the playdates; I will never forget how you have been there for me from day 1. The tears and laughter we've shared will not be forgotten. Of course we can still chat on the phone and see eachother once in awhile...but it won't be the same as having such a wonderful friend just down the road. I love you girl!

Now on to new adventures! Home ownership, our VERY FIRST HOME!!!! I am so excited, I can't stand it. I will post pics when I get them, I love the house.
New adventures, new neighborhood, fresh chance to use what I've learned from life so far. LOVE it!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Frogs and Snails

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails......
What a hot summer day!! Too hot for the boys to wear even a onesie. This was back in the day when crawling wasn't happening yet. They just sat and played with toys!

Growing up with four sisters.... gave me a pretty clear picture of how things will be. It will be so great. Forts, snowball fights, I come! If I'm lucky, I just might be the only girl allowed in a "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" clubhouse! Well, I guess it depends on the clubhouse...I may not be lucky. :)

There are two--and pretty much only two--reasons it gets QUIET during playtime. The #1 reason is that they are into something they shouldn't be. The second is that they fell asleep! Sooo sweet. This is the only time it has happened so far, and I had to get it on camera. I hated to wake him to go to bed. When I did, he had the rug imprint on his cheek!

This one goes with the pics on my sidebar... I love David's smile!! Even though he is the more serious one, we see his smile all the time. I hope we always do! The tickle I gave him plus his big plans to grab the camera sparked this particular smile.

This is one of my very favorite pictures. I think this one will be included in a wedding slideshow!! Haha. I remember JD was starting to get cranky and wanted out of his highchair.

I really hope these pictures capture enough personality. I am the worst for getting prints in the mail to loved ones, and hopefully this blog is a great alternative!

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks! - Friday

Is it Friday already?? Haha, kidding. This week there isn't any amazing incident that stands out, it was just a regular week. My husband does, however, ROCK!! He rocks because he NEVER complains. I'm not kidding. I complain about everything, from a sore back to a busy day. I don't think of it as complaining, of course, but that's what it is. Hubby never does this. The only way I know he has a sore shoulder, for example, is if I catch him rolling it and giving it a quick rub.

My husband plays in a pool league and loves every minute. He tries every week to improve his game, and tracks points and the teammates' accomplishments. This year he is doing quite well, and has a goal to do even better. This past wednesday, his pool night, he had to work late. Very late. He pulled a 20 hr shift! Did he complain about the hours? No. Did he complain about the lack of sleep? No. He didn't even complain about missing his pool night! The only explanation he gave was that he had to let the other teammates catch up to him. What a guy!
This is one area I need much improvement in, and I try to take a page out of his book. He is so easy going, never complains or dwells on disappointments. I love that about him; and it is one of the MANY reasons why I will never let him go!!!!

As for next wednesday...he will be there with bells on, doing his best to win every game. Even though I won't be there, I will be cheering him on.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

CHRISTmas Thoughts

With my two little guys upstairs napping, and my husband likewise curled under the blankets, I should be packing. However, I feel like writing so here I sit. The wind is cold and swirling down the chimney, sounding lonely and menacing. A warm throw fresh from the dryer and a cup of white hot chocolate are calling my name repeatedly.

The main thing on my mind is the ever-growing group of people who do not believe in Christ, but celebrate Christmas, and therefore want to change the name of the holiday to accomodate those who don't believe in God. This is utterly ridiculous!! Is there not freedom of religion? Yes. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ, and we can NOT leave Christ out of Christmas!! It is a Christian holiday. The same people who fight for their religions and their own right to respect and worship them, are asking - no, Demanding- that we change the name of our Christian holiday to accomodate them. This gets me more than alittle hot under the collar.

Then I think, can we blame them? For years Christmas has become more and more commercialized; squeezing God out of the celebrations. It is this commercial conglomerate that the world celebrates. In a big way, I think we have brought this conclusion upon ourselves.

The only solution I can come up with, using my small voice, is to have a parallel holiday. Have a holiday season that can be celebrated by these wonderful people who don't celebrate the birth of Christ, but who want to take part in the season of peace and joy. That way, Christians can celebrate the birth of Christ and call it such as is our right, and the rest of the world can celebrate along with us, without forcing us to change the name to make it more comfortable.

Sounds good to me, anyway.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Surry Boys

My sweeties 9/19/08



Life is sure interesting since these two came along. They are characters, both of them. Now, at nearly 14 months, they intrigue me even more. The differences in each and the little things that make them who they are seem to be developing more each day.

David is my little drama king. If I take something away or don't give him his snack fast enough, he becomes a puddle of jelly and slips to the floor. Next comes the fake cry and the fish out of water routine; he flops and throws himself around, letting everyone in the vicinity know just how unfair the world really is. He never stops suprising me...during play I occasionally find him sitting in his little rocking chair, reading a book. That is a joy to me, as he is a go-go-go, rough and tumble, climbing on anything-and-everything type of boy.

JD has started to show a new side to his character...he gets embarrassed. If he copies something or completes a difficult task and we praise him a little too much, he will turn his face away (usually laying his head on the floor). I'm not sure why, but this makes me sad. While I don't want arrogant boys, I sure don't want him to belittle his accomplishments. I don't want him to be embarrassed at praise. I often find him quietly working on things, not wanting to draw attention to himself. An example of this is reading; much like his brother, I will occassionally find JD pretending to read a book. If I bring attention to this in any way and tell him what a good job he is doing, he will stop. And get bashful. As we go along growing and learning together I will have to find a way to uplift him and encourage him without embarrassing him.

I am fascinated with similarities. Because I am adopted I didn't have many similarities in looks or personality with my parents. But I see things in my boys that clearly come from my husband and I, and it thrills me!! Examples of this... David looks like my hubby. His skin tone, eyebrows and hair are all Jon!! JD looks like me, I see my skin tone and my hair in him. (I had white-blonde hair for the first 7 yrs or so of my life). JD has a goofy sense of humor like his daddy, and he loves to be amused. Getting embarrassed at praise--that's Jon too. David has the skills like Jon, good at anything he tries and climbs all over the place. David gets his dramatics from me; I am guilty of that overdramatic role. JD gets frustrated when he tries things and fails the first few times...that's me in a heartbeat.

While I know they are individuals I see these traits that clearly hail from us, and it gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling. They are my boys!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember Me

I love Rememberance Day. I love to see people wear poppies and know what it represents.

It used to be just another day, with a short trip to the cenetaph and a quick ceremony remembering the fallen. But understanding who the fallen are and what they gave for us and why makes this day much more.

I can't imagine what it must have taken for those young soldiers to get off that boat and creep onto a beach that very well could be that last sight they see. I can't fathom the courage it must have taken to crawl through a tunnel, hearing and feeling the vibrations of shells and bombs all around them, not knowing if that second will be their last breath. Those on the front lines must have endured a plethera of emotions; relief that buddies made it alive and likewise incredible grief at not only finding a commrade fallen but the very scenes around them, the macabre that invaded their every senses. It is no wonder that so many veterans wish to leave the battlefield in the past and not share their experiences. What is so incredible to me is that they went. They fought. They gave life and limb for freedom that we enjoy today without a second thought.

I am very patriotic; I love Canada and the freedoms we enjoy. When I read stories of the great wars or watch documentaries on those and other conflicts, I am filled with pride and love for our soldiers. The brave ones who fought. The strong ones who gave so much not only for themselves and their families, but for the generations ahead. The love, selflessness, courage, strength and very attitude of those souls should never be forgotten. I am so thankful for that great sacrifice.

Now, so much more than the school years past, the words "Lest We Forget" are hitting home for me.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Husband Rocks! -Friday

I couldn't focus this week on just one reason my husband rocks, because I missed the past 2 fridays! So I will list a few things about him I think are simply wonderful.

~he always, ALWAYS lets me cry and rant when I need to, gives me the appropriate amount of humor to lighten my mood, then calmly reasons with me and helps me to understand whatever situation is at the base of my emotion. When we are finished, I feel usually 100% better and see a bigger picture than the narrow filtered one I previously envisioned.

~there is a tenderness about him. He hides it, and for some reason I love that he hides it; I see it though in his dealings with me, the boys, and the occasional underdog that crosses his path.

~when I am frustrated, and I don't mean the usual frustrations...when I am extremely frustrated to the point I can't continue the task or function I am attempting to perform...he will take over. He knows when I am getting in my own way or when it is something real that I need to step back from; if it is the former he lets me figure it out. If it happens to be the latter, he takes my place and does it for me. I love him for it!!! It brings tears to my eyes the intuition, compassion and love that it takes to do that.

There are so many reasons why my husband rocks. Of course our marriage is real, and some days it's harder to remember those reasons; but usually the inconsequential things don't matter. The socks on the floor. The toilet seat. Well, he can't leave his socks on the floor, the dog will inevitably take them and shred them, and do it quietly and quickly. The toilet seat? Well, I figure women can put it down just as easily as men could put it up. I am blessed to have a wonderful, good man who gives me lots of reasons why he is great.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Fear

This post is dedicated to my little monkey. He climbs on anything and everything! There is no fear in this little boy. My sweet David.
I am told when my hubby was young he was a great tree climber, and climbed on everything in sight too. I remember myself climbing on trees and fences, not to mention the jungle gym. Basically, normal kids. David is almost 14 months, and already I see in him the climber.
I can't count the number of times Dave has needed help getting off furniture, or released from some tight place he has wedged himself into. I know, I just KNOW in the core of me he will be trouble. David will be the source of many calls from school, plunging me into panic mode as I am told he has broken a leg, arm, or collar bone. Twisted ankle. Broken nose. Take your pick.
On the up side, I love his fearlessness. I love that there are no boundaries he lets hold him back. There are safety issues of course, and obedience issues; however I can't help but think that freedom from fear will benefit him in the most amazing ways in life. He won't let walls keep him from achieving his dreams. He won't let obsticles get in his way. There is no "I can't" with David right now. (except with WALKING!!! hahaha)
I sincerely hope as he grows and learns, that curiosity and weightlessness will grow with him. That he will learn limits for safety, be smart about the consequences of his actions, but not let himself get bogged down by the world. I hope he will keep exploring, keep climbing, and keep that ease in doing so. As he breaks barriers and surpasses limits, I wish the most wonderful and incredible experiences in life for him. The kind we take with us forever, no matter where life leads us.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Into November

I have never really liked November. Except for my moms birthday, November holds no attraction for me. Halloween is over, and it's still a long way till Christmas. Add the snow to that, and you have a major boring month. November is second only to January. Can't stand January.

This year is different though; we don't have snow yet, which is fantastic. I can still take the boys for walks and not have to trudge through a foot of snow! Also the moving; that adds quite a bit of excitement to an otherwise dull month. I already have Christmas on the brain; thinking about decorations and humming carols, I look forward to this coming Christmas season. Now that we are older Christmas does seem to come faster. Time rolls right by and if you blink, you will for sure miss something.

Thinking of Christmas has me inevitably thinking of the new year. This will be a big year, I can feel it. With the boys no longer infants, this coming year will be exciting and fun. I have the biggest list of intentions for them over the coming winter, following spring and summer. I sincerely hope that they don't go the usual way of good intentions and slip by.

Yes, this is a good November. Last year at this time I was getting next to NO sleep, up every 2 & 1/2 to 3 hours all night to feed the babies and feeling shut in by the snow. At least I think we had snow; I didn't get into the real world much. But that is all in the past... the boys are bigger and much more energetic; we will have a ton of fun. This winter we will start crafts!! I am so excited. I'm sure they will like the finger painting, coloring, glueing and decorating. Along with the crafts we will have some major tent-building, hide-and-seek playing, cookie-baking fun. I can't wait to get started! Just as soon as we get settled in the house.

Now that we are into November, it's really not that bad. We'll see about January!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


A friend of ours gave the boys Halloween cupcakes, which they devoured pretty fast. Actually, I was a mean mom and only allowed them to eat half of the cupcake before I sneakily took them away. But they sure loved the icing and the chocolate cake! David wouldn't let go of his cracker though, which I find somewhat strange...

JD loved the icing!
I said I wasn't going to take them trick-or-treating, and I didn't really. But I did dress them up and take them next door for a photo op. The pictures didn't upload to the computer though and I have to work the problem before you can see them. David wore a black costume with a green glow-in-the-dark skeleton on it, SOOO cute. JD wore a pumpkin costume...adorable!!! So we went next door and they got some candy, which I am enjoying immensely, and we all took pics. This was their first experience with Halloween! Next year though, we will take them around the block...and it will be so fun. Having kids to enjoy these times with allows me to be a kid again myself!!

Slow as Molasses

I can't seem to get moving today. I have so much to do, and just can't get started. Maybe it's the size of my list; overwhelming and keeping me stuck in one place. My plan was to have the majority of our packing done by a few days before we move, leaving only a few things out that we need, in order to eliminate stress. Well, looking over my list is sure STRESSFUL, and I can't get going on it!

It is hard first of all to pack with small children; OK let me backtrack ~ first of all it is hard to PACK. Then throw in small children that demand time, energy and care, and it's difficult to pack. Usually I try to rush and pack as much as I can while they are napping, therefore eliminating the many MANY halts in the process to check on whatever the boys have gotten into. Today however, I just can't move my feet. I can see some late nights on the horizon, after the boys go to bed instead of relaxing with a book (one of my very favorite pastimes) I will be packing and preparing for the move.

As for today, I might just stay stuck in this cement and pay more attention to my boys. They are a pretty cute distraction!