Friday, September 24, 2010

Go Team Go

          The other night while my husband and I were enjoying dinner out, in an actual restaurant, I made a bet.  I bet my husband $50 that the Edmonton Oilers would make it to the second round of playoffs this season.  On what basis?  My logic is that you can't lose forever.  Our baseball team did crappy, our football team isn't doing well, and the Oilers hockey club has been on a down streak for a few years.  It makes sense to me, you just can't lose forever.  So I made this bet, which Jon accepted. 

           While I am not a die-hard hockey fan, I grew up with it.  When I was little Saturday night, a.k.a. Hockey Night In Canada, was always background noise for me.  It bored me, while keeping my Dad and brothers glued to the screen.  As I grew up though the sounds of Hockey Night In Canada were music to my ears.  When I make comments to my brothers, father, or husband, like "so-and-so is playing well" they come back at me with stats, figures, charts and trade possibilities.  I don't understand any of it, but I love the 'music'. 

           It's back.  Preseason games, but still that background music that feels like home and puts a warm smile in my heart is back.  I may not understand the intricacies of hockey clubs, but I understand the basics of the game. And I have bet my husband.  So Oilers, you better deliver!  We are due a cup, and I want my fifty bucks.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Killing Time...

                       Well I made it through the first 2 days okay.  Those of you who read my last post know that my boys are with their grandma for 2 weeks.  The first couple of mornings waking up without those smiles were rough but I'm pulling through!  (chuckle)

                        While my wonderful mother-in-law was here she purchased a bunk-bed set for my boys as their birthday present.  The past few days I have been cleaning out their room to get ready for the delivery of the beds.  Down came the cribs, which without front rails served very well as toddler beds.  I wasn't even emotional (unusual for me) while I dismantled the cribs, only reflective on the past 3 years.  I thought of when the boys were so tiny I had them sleep in the same crib, then as they grew separating them (which for some reason was tough to do), and finally when the rails came down and the boys were free to come and go as they pleased (boy was THAT fun!). 

                        After the cribs were out it was organizing toys and clothes - I had a lot of pants and shirts in regular circulation that were too small for them.  This, with toys and clothes organized in the closet, left an empty room save for their basketball net.  It's so strange to not only have a very, VERY quiet house but also an empty boys room!  I just finished vacuuming and washing the walls.  Ready for the new bunks to come!  That will be a fun job, assembly....  haha.  Then it won't be a toddler room anymore but a Big Boy Room!

                        So for once in my life I got my work done before I played, and now I have a few days to do the fun stuff!  Meeting up with friends, shopping, and decorating the walls in the boys room.  Yay! 

                         On a separate topic, thank you to those who've inquired about my parents.  They are doing well, really enjoying their mission to Nauvoo.  When they aren't working in the temple they have been bike riding around the countryside and working a garden.  Their mission ends on Nov. 1st and they will be returning shortly thereafter.  :)


Friday, September 10, 2010


In a week & a half my boys will be 3.  It's really hard to believe how fast time flies;  I know it's only three and those of you with older kids are probably rolling your eyes at that last sentence... but it really does fly.  Seems like they were only born last week, just started crawling last week, spoke their first word last week... and now they will be three. 

           The point of this post is not to reminisce over the past 3 years;  the point of this is ....  drum roll please...   when Grandma Cindy leaves a day or two after the birthday party she's taking my boys with her for about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!     !!!!!!!!!!     This post is a celebration of my first real vacation  in 3 years.  

           I did take a weekend off when the boys were 8 months, Jon and I went with some friends to Banff and Grandpa Ron & Grandma Terry watched our boys for the weekend.  But they were so young that even though I had fun in Banff my thoughts were mostly on David and JD.  This will be a real vacation in that I have time ..  time for a bubble bath, time to actually get walls washed, baseboards scrubbed, carpets cleaned (doesn't sound like a vacation, does it? But when none of that gets done uninterrupted, it will be so nice to take on a project I can actually finish!) , heck, I'll have time to go to the bathroom without hearing "MOM!  MOM, WHERE ARE YOU?" .  

            I am so excited.  And not in the least worried.  Grandma Cindy has this in the bag!  Plus if in any way it is a problem, or the boys are homesick, or I miss them too much we just have to cut the visit short.  My mother-in-law is so excited since she only gets to see the boys once, maybe twice a year.  They know her and miss her, talk on the phone with her a lot, so I am not worried- they will have a great time. 

            And all the stuff I can do!!!!!  This house needs an overhaul, and I can sleep in and still get tons of cleaning done.  Maybe I'll wax the floors.  Maybe I'll meet friends for lunch.  Maybe I'll cook my husband a gourmet meal to be ready when he gets home from work.  Maybe I'll .....  the possibilities are endless!  

Last year, Grandma Cindy reading to the crazy-hair boys!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Firefighters

                 I want to send a big THANK YOU out to the New York City Fire Department for realizing that kids love fire trucks and making a video about the job of being a hero. 

                 My boys are crazy about firefighters (or fighterfighters, as David calls them) and while in Walmart the other day I found a video.  It's called 'All About Big Red Fire Engines' or something like that... sounded about perfect so I bought it.  David and JD LOVE it!! 

                 The FDNY made this video 15 years ago; firefighters go through every tool on the truck and explain how it works and what it's used for (including the saws and Jaws of Life, which at first I thought would scare them but it didn't), then does the same for all the gear the firefighters wear and why, finally showing the trucks and firefighters in action going to a fire scene.  HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!! 

                  Now the boys run around putting on imaginary gear and jump in their firetrucks and race to a scene.  David will put his hand up to his ear and say "Oh no! I hear a fire!  I better go!" and then take off running to the rescue.  It's so adorable, I love it.  As a birthday present I want to find them firefighter costumes, they would freak out!!