Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleeping Angels

Aww...who doesn't love sleeping babies? I know I sure do. Not only do they look peaceful and angelic, but it's quiet! Several things aren't going on when they are asleep. The playpen isn't being moved around the room (they are strong boys). Contents of the diaper bag actually stay in the diaper bag! The abundance of musical toys are hushed. No one is pushed over, hit, or has a favorite toy stolen. My Grandmother's organ stool actually stays where it is intended to be - at the organ!! Shoes that unfortunately are yanked from their hiding spot aren't being chewed on or de-laced. The phone is safe from unintended long, long distance calls. No one gets stuck in a tight space while trying to reach things they shouldn't be trying to reach. Our dog Diesel is safe from curious babies pulling his hair, tail and paws, and chasing him around the room. And Mommy doesn't have to once say "no, sweetie, that's not for you. No, David, don't be a bully! Put that down JD. Hey you two...stop bugging Diesel! How did you get this stool all the way across the room?? ISN'T IT NAP TIME YET??!?!?"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Autumn Greatness

Ahhhh...autumn will soon be here! My very favorite time of year! I love everything about this wonderful season...the beautiful colors leaves take before they fall, the crisp air and deep blue skies, the scent of backyard bonfires demolishing piles of leaves and brush. I love back to school displays, gorgeous sweaters, and autumn rain. I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving, pumpkins, and gardens having been dug up for winter now filled with silky soil. Halloween is one of my favorite nights of the year, with children in costume and parties at school, and of course CANDY!! Carving jack-o-lanterns while watching scary movies is one of my favorite traditions ever.
I can't really explain how this season makes me feel inside... a breath of fresh, crisp air fills me with happiness and peace. I just soak it all in and wish for it to never end! Although, I have to wonder if it WAS autumn all the time, would I have the same passion for it??

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Left Out!

This morning over breakfast these two had their own conversation going on...which I was not part of, nor welcome in, for that matter. I don't know what was so funny, but David had JD laughing and vice versa. They were babbling back and forth, and giggling like they had just hatched the greatest plan ever. It is so sweet watching them communicate...and understand eachother!! It is somewhat of a mystery to me though; I don't understand their baby babble yet they totally know what each other is saying. How does that work? This is only the beginning though, I understand THAT! They will forever be sharing secrets and jokes, inventing schemes and tricks....of which I am sure Daddy & I will be the targets!! I can't wait for that to start. It will be so much fun! One of the main pieces of advice we found from other parents of twins was to "keep your sense of humor", which we intend to do. From the early days now, I am sure we will need it with these tricksters!!
For now, when they are talking together and laughing it up, if I try to include myself the conversation immediately stops. The giggling ceases, and they look at me as if to say "what do you want? We are busy here!" I have learned when these two are willing to share laughs with me and when they are more private moments between the two of them. ;D

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning?!?!

Oh man, I am so tired this morning. The boys were up EARLY, putting me clocking in at 5 AM. From the sound of JD's cry, he had a bad dream or something scared him enough to startle him out of sleep. And once one is up...well you can imagine how it goes most of the time. I hate hearing that 'terrified' cry. It breaks my heart alittle! I wonder what the babies are dreaming of to bring that cry on??
Well JD is in a new stage where snuggling with Mommy isn't as great as it used to be :( . It's hard!! When he was smaller, cuddling with me was one of his favorite things to do! And of course, I loved it. Now....when I hold him he tries everything to get away. Who knew babies could twist that way? He just sort of slips out of my arms.... lol. I had better get used to it, I suppose. Now that they have the freedom crawling brings, who wants to be tied down with Mommy??? David still likes to snuggle, near the end of the day when he gets tired, he loves to sit on my lap and just observe the room. He is still a cuddly little baby in some ways. In other ways though he is just as much a troublemaker as his brother! I can't believe how they work together. Actually, it's adorable how close they are. It warms my heart when they play together. Often times at night they will start crying at the exact same time, and cry for a minute or two, then go back to sleep at the exact same time. I have to wonder if they are dreaming the same dream?!?! I would've only expected this level of closeness from identical twins, not so much from fraternal twins. I love it, because I know they will take care of eachother in the tough years ahead... a.k.a. school years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well I have a blog now. Yikes! I don't know what this is all about but I'm giving it a try. I need some sort of me time in this motherhood experience!! The boys are wearing me out, and it's just begun. I don't have a clue what I am doing, but what mother does??
I can't believe the sweet things these two do. I have seen some candid moments when they do the most touching giving eachother a hug, or sharing a toy they usually fight over. They are quite a team. I love every minute of it. OK, let's be honest....not EVERY moment. I've changed my share of nasty diapers, and they don't always cooperate with my master plan... but most every moment is pretty great. With their 1st birthday approaching, they are changing fast. We've seen some standing un-assisted, some walking assisted, and some MAJOR attitude!! I don't really know what to expect in the future.... in my head I picture two very well-behaved boys who do what they are told and have a very positive, happy nature. HAHAHAHA!! But reality?? I'm still in the dark....