Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Truck!

We have a truck now!  It's not brand-spankin' new, but we love it anyway.  It was a work truck in it's former life, then up for auction and my husband put a bid in - long story short, we have a truck now.  The boys are REALLY excited, being as they are so star-struck when it comes to their dad and this used to be a "worker man's truck" from dad's work.  Now it's ours and though it needs some TLC and minor mechanical lovin' we are very excited to have a truck.  Trips to the mountains to visit family won't be nearly as squished now!!!  WOO HOO!

                                                      My extremely talented husband!!

                                                    "We have a truck now!!  YAY!!"

While Dad and JD work on the truck, David gets in some serious stunt practice...    yes his helmet says Spiderman.  The helmets are exactly the same so to tell them apart we stickered on some names. Spiderman and Speed.  Yep, we're cool like that!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preschool is OVER!

    It's official - the twins have graduated preschool.  The ceremony was short, cute, and I was totally fine...even glad to have the year over with.  No more volunteer commitments, no snacks to provide for 22 kids, nothing.  Then....

    The ceremony was on Wednesday and by Thursday night I was a wreck.  I know, I know - it's only preschool!!  But for some reason I am having a hard time letting go of my little babies and welcoming my big, strong little men.  I should have no problem;  they are already doing stunts on their bikes!  Riding with no hands, no problem... riding up a homemade ramp, hey it was my idea!  David even is apparently big enough to ride laying down (with his tummy on his seat)... that one did make me freak a little ("hey Mom, look at this!").  But thinking of them off for the summer before they start kindergarten - that leaves me in tears!  My little babies!!! 

Cute little chairs!!  Love 'em!

Nervous grad? ?

Soooo bored!

Way back then.... ok it was only September...
                                                           My guys on the first day!!!

  Now we are done; they've discovered, grown, and learned a bunch of stuff.  It's time for summer and all the exciting adventures ahead!  I still get them for 3 more months before they are really big little guys in kindergarten.  I am so grateful for this time with them, 4-going-on-5 is a Wonderful Age!!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012


Ahhh Spring.  We are lovin' it!  Kids are out all day riding bikes and playing, and Diesel is out too enjoying the scenery.  By scenery, of course I mean our neighbor's yard, which Diesel loves to stalk, waiting for their dog to come out.  Next door they have a German Shepherd, just a year or two old.  Cute guy!  Diesel sits there waiting... and waiting... and waiting....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another My Guy!

This smile is bright as the sun!  Every morning I get to see this smile - well, most every morning.  One of the sweetest things on this earth is a sleepy, bright-eyed smile saying "good morning Mom", and this guy has one of the best.

Every day I learn new things about my little man.  He is such a little individual! Quick to show me new things he can do with his body (i.e. snap, hop on one foot) and very excited about growing and learning these things. This guy is also quick to ask questions about confusing things he may see or hear, wanting answers that make sense to him and help him figure out this life.  He is sensitive though; if he asks a serious question and is met with criticism or isn't taken seriously, he is quick to retreat and slow to reach out later on. 

I love this little man so much.  He can do anything!! While he gets very frustrated with his limitations sometimes, with some coaxing he will keep trying until he gets it.  This little man likes to prove the theory of 'practice makes perfect'. 
 I love watching him learn and grow, the delight in his world so plain on his face.  My sweet guy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Guy

Isn't it amazing how children, siblings, have their own distinct personalities?  I love this little man.  He is my sunshine, my sweetie.  My warm spring day.

This guy has a heart of gold. He will share anything, give you the shirt off his back and not complain. He cares about people, and if someone is hurting he is gentle and nurturing.  That being said, he will laugh if you fall on your face.  Not from a mean place or anything, just because the sight of you stepping in a pothole and toppling over tickles his funny bone.  I love that about him. 

If I burst out with a beat, he will dance. He moves his little hips and rocks out, and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  When I point the camera his way, more times than not he will strike some outrageous pose, mugging for the camera.  Those pictures are the very best, the most treasured.

Some days I find it hard to believe he was sent to us, and how blessed we are to have this little man in our lives.  How richer we are for having him in our family!!  I wouldn't change one hair on his head, his sweet little-kid-accent, his tiny little hands that love to build stuff or bake stuff.  He is amazing.

Oh yeah, and he dresses himself too!  haha  :) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quick Note

     I have been MIA for a while.  Again.  But have no fear, here I am.  Does anyone even read this thing anyway? 

     We have been busy, and the next few weeks are even more so.  The boys are in their last month of preschool, then school's out for summer!  YAY!  There is a field trip coming up, a Mother's Day Tea tomorrow, and even a little graduation ceremony on the last day! 

     Some of our family have been over for a visit... quite a few actually and we have enjoyed visiting with each and every one of them over the past few weeks. How I miss our families!! Everyone is so far away. Grandpa Ron brought his guitar and even gave the boys a lesson, which they absolutely loved...

   Little rock stars, both of them.  Man I love those little guys!  Those are new suits that Grandpa bought... now they are sharp dressed men. 

    Here's to spring - all you peeps out there.  Lovin' it, living it, and looking forward to summer, the best summer yet!  (I will do my best to post our activities more often!!)


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never Stop Trying

   One of the best feelings ever is that of witnessing something amazing in your child.  I saw a glimpse of amazing in David the other day and it was awesome! You may have read in this blog about how Dave is my quieter boy, hesitant to speak up as his twin brother is anxious to be heard first. This has saddened me and confused me as to how I can draw him out with no real answers or results. Then yesterday at an outdoor rink I realized I don't need to worry so much.  He may be quiet, but he has determination when it matters.

    In Alberta Monday was Family Day, which I love, and since my husband had to work my friend and I decided to take our kids skating for the first time ever.  My boys watch hockey with Dad, and both want to be Oilers when they grow up(David actually wants to be a chef in the summer and a professional hockey player in the winter.)  So after arriving at the rink and excitedly donning skates the kids hit the ice.  Literally, over and over.  Which was to be expected, right??  The first time skating and not a chair in sight for them to practice with.  JD and my friend's daughter enjoyed it, gave it a good try, but later found it more enjoyable to play nearby.  David, however, no matter how often he fell would get back up and try again.  Not once did he get mad or frustrated at his limited abilities.  Not even one time did he ask for help, and even started refusing my aid after a while. 

     David worked at it.  He tried over and over, and over again.  By the time the skate was over and the Family Day festivities were wrapping up, my little guy could stand himself up after falling and even skate with brief, halting steps, going longer between falls.  I have never been prouder.  I have never witnessed such single-minded persistence for achievement in a child.  I certainly was never that way!!  He didn't get it from me!  In fact, I would get incredibly angry at myself if I tried something new and failed.  I would rant, rave, and quit. David is an inspiration to me! 

I won't ever forget this day and what amazingness I saw in my son.  No one knows what the future holds, but from where I'm standing it looks as though I'll be a hockey mom.  (and if he's also a chef, I will probably be a hefty hockey mom!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warm Winter Fun :)

Snow fort made with Dad

The boys have waited so long for some snow to play with!!  Now that we've had some, and some mild weather with which to enjoy it, David and JD haven't wasted any time.

Sledding with Dad and Mom!
So much fun  :)


We even made a snowman! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Spring So Soon

   Oh man, spring is in the air!!  Okay, maybe it is a tad early to be thinking about spring but I can't help it.  This mild winter of ours leaves me with the impression spring is just around the corner, awaiting a signal to appear. 
    I have flowers on the brain!  This year I have plans to actually plant flowers in my flower bed, instead of taking the easy way out and letting my sons use it as a sandbox.  Oh how I love flowers!  Time for some research, since I know virtually nothing about growing blooms.

 Normally at this time of year we are still in the icy grip of winter.  Not even Valentine's Day yet and I can't stop thinking of sweet new grass, dew, tulips and warmth from the sun.  I love this!  Who doesn't, right?  Maybe boarders, skiers, and snowmobilers, I guess.

Monday, January 23, 2012

On The Sled

     Oh man, the past few days I have been feeling so melancholy.  Just a bunch of things getting me down; missing family, winter projects weighing on me, etc.  Today after picking up the boys I decided to take a break from all the "i wish"es and the "if only"s that have been dragging me down and just HAVE FUN. 
     We went sledding.  It was SOOOO fun!  I mean, it was incredibly fun.  I was able to just shed every bit of negativity and fly down the hill weightless, full of wonder and love for my boys, and enjoy the moment of having them with me.  No fighting, no worries, just smiles and crazy laughter together with my sons. 
      It was perfect weather for it too; not too cold and a gorgeous sun shining, blue sky, birds singing, and red cheeks and noses.  We had the hill all to ourselves (the bigger kids were still in school) and even though traffic sped by on the other side of the small ravine, it felt as if we were the only ones on earth.  Just me and my guys.  And oh, how I love those little guys!
      After an hour of bliss I had to call an end and we trudged back home.  It was with a much lighter heart, though, that I walked through our door.  Pretty amazing what an hour of sledding can do!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Very Late Christmas Update :)

I know Christmas is a memory in the past now, being as how January is almost over... but I haven't put up any Christmas pictures yet anywhere.  Here is one of my favorites, Grandpa Ron Surry with the three cousins on his lap. 
    This year we drove to BC to spend Christmas with Grandpa Ron and Grandma Terry, and the boys were lucky to see their cousin Prestin for a few hours on Christmas Eve day. 
    We had a great Christmas!  They had snow there, unlike at home, and with the mountains and daily walks with the dogs to the river it was very magical.  On Christmas Eve we sang Christmas carols with Grandpa Ron on the guitar (sadly there wasn't a piano handy, or I would've played along) and afterward the boys dropped reindeer food outside on the snow (oatmeal with sparkles). 

      The reindeer food must have worked because in the morning the stockings were full and Santa had eaten most of his cookies :) It was a wonderful Christmas and I enjoyed seeing loved ones and sharing in the Christmas spirit.

Friday, January 13, 2012


     Tonight is... wait for it... DATE NIGHT!!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.  It has been so long since my husband and I have had a night out just to ourselves.  With no family around we don't get out much, and we don't want to burden our buddies with constant babysitting so we tend to save those for weddings or work functions.  Therefore, our dates suffer. 
     Tonight, however, the boys are going for a sleep-over at a wonderful friend's house and thank goodness.  I'm due for some one-on-one time with Jonny!  We will do dinner and a movie, don't know which restaurant or which picture, and right now don't care!!  I'll think about that later.  I am just so happy to have a night out that I'm dancing around while I pack up the boys for their overnighter.  (Gee, will that send them a bad message?)  =)   
     Ohh I love my boys so much I could just squeeze them to bits, but mama needs some sane time with papa!  Conversation with a grown-up!  Not having to explain the 'why's' of everything!  Not having to get into a detailed explanation of how an airplane engine works (like I know!) or how trains can stay on the track while in a curve!! 
     Ahhhh, I can't wait.  Gonna get me some steak, or fajitas, some laughs with Jon, and get lost in a movie.  LOve it!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


     I love calendars.  The calendars with scenic photographs are my favorite, which we have right now courtesy our realitor.  Last years' was animal pictures, very cute but not as inspiring to me as a good seashore, meadow, or mountainside. 
     The January picture for our scenic calendar is a beautiful mountain meadow with frost on all the trees, feet of snow, a blue sky and sunshine.  Breathtaking.  This year I like the view outside my window much better though!  I can see half our brown lawn, and the other half is only crusted with a thin layer of icy snow.  Normally at this time of year we have feet of snow, like my calendar...not fun. 
      Another reason I love calendars is filling out a new one.  Placing birthdays, anniversaries, special events in the squares is a relaxing task for me and gives me a minute to think about every person I hold dear to my heart.  I also like filling out forms maybe I just like the feel of a pen and paper ? 
      Ahhh calendars are great.  I would actually stop functioning if I couldn't look to my kitchen wall and know what day it was.  I also keep them.  Strange?  Maybe so.  I only have as far back as the year my boys were born, though.  After 4 or 5 years I do chuck them, but I like to keep them and once in a blue moon look back at them and remember...'oh yeah, we did that,' or 'I remember that day'.  Like a journal, of which I have 2 currently (personal and family) - not to mention this blog.  I don't write every day though, in any of them!! 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

      Well well.  I haven't been here in a while.  Shame.  I actually almost quit my blog;  I was waiting for a new printer so I could print off all my posts and compile them in a journal.  I have this thing where I compare myself to everyone else and I have some great friends who happen to be great writers.  Every time I opened this site with a post in mind I would read others' and decide mine just wasn't good enough, and on to other things I went.  Stupid, right?  But who doesn't compare themself to others?  One of the things I am working on is believing I am ok just the way I am!  It can be tough.  I shall give this blog yet another try.

       Happy New Year everyone!  This year brought so many changes for my husband and I.  I am almost scared to write about them in case I don't keep up on my goals, then I just look the fool.  But here it is.  Jonny bought me Georges St. Pierre's training camp called RushFit for Christmas (before the hackles get up, I really REALLY wanted it and asked for it, he wasn't being an insensitive man).  So we are doing this 8 week beginner program together. 

      We have quit smoking, quit coffee, quit fast food (SO hard!!)...we are eating more super foods, healthy foods, fruits and vegetables.  It has been 4 days so far, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  BUT I feel better, have more energy, breath easier, wheeze less... it is good.  I miss the smoking, Jon and I have always smoked together and now it's so strange to not smoke, especially when we are having a discussion about something.  And coffee...I am seriously addicted to coffee.  I am having a hard time without it.  I know I can do it though!  And will give this 100%.

      The workouts are tough!  I mean, this guy is a Ultimate Fighting Champion...these workouts are designed mostly for those wanting to get into fighting condition, but they are also for those who desire to cut weight and get in shape.  Jonny and I are having fun, working hard, and doing it together.  I love it.

       I have noticed that this is mostly a mental game with me.  During the course of a day I go back and forth repeatedly between feeling great and happy, to wanting a smoke and a Timmy's and forget getting in shape!!  It's so hard, but nothing worth having is easy.  I love that Jon is doing this with me, and we can back eachother up. 
       That's my New Year's resolution, to get in shape and be healthy and happy.  Good luck to me and Jonny!!  I know we can do it, but I have started and quit so many things over the years...  so yeah, good luck to us. 

    Oh yeah, and we also have two short guys rooting for us, they've been asking us to quit smoking for a couple of years now and finally we are doing it.  Feels great not letting them down every time I step outside!