Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Good Read

         "I'm not David, I'm Spider Man."  This phrase is heard alot around our house these days.  My son puts on Jon's winter gloves and suddenly transforms into a super hero, or a contractor (Handy Manny), or a fire fighter (which he still calls 'fighter fighters', and I love it).  These black gloves are magical gloves that when worn transform him into anyone he chooses to be.  Other than himself.  Heaven forbid we forget which character he is currently playing;  a frustrated David corrects us first before answering whatever question we had put to him. 

    When I look at my boys my heart swells with joy and love, and I just want to crush them to me in a gigantic hug.  I think of preschool in September and try not to think of all the hurts, physical and emotional, that are bound to come their way in the school years.  Sometimes I dwell too much on all the world can do to hurt them, make them feel inadequate, scare them... I've confessed my choking fears to my husband and he responded "well we can't keep them in a bubble for the rest of their lives".  Which is true.  I almost thought I needed to see a professional about this 'problem', until while organizing my mountain of books I found one I hadn't read yet.  I picked it up, and started to read;  almost immediately my irrational fears came to rest. 

     The book is called "Understanding your Divine Nature", by Grant Von Harrison.  It is amazing!  I would strongly recommend this book to anyone!  One of my problems I think was that I am very possessive, so to speak, of my sons... I have wanted children for so long and now I look at them and they are so perfect, so wonderful, that I don't want anything bad to ever happen to my kids, my precious babies.  Sound familiar?  Well the first chapter of this book is about our premortal existance, and from page one things were put into perspective for me... eternal perspective.  While I still don't want anything bad to happen to my precious babies, I am not consumed by the fear of all the horrible possibilities.  I look at them and my heart still swells with joy and love, but I also have in mind their divine nature and know that there is One who loves them every bit as much as I do, probably infinately more...

      David isn't wearing the gloves right now, but he is pretending to be a radio show host.  Sitting right beside me while I type, he just said "I have a very special grown up with me today.... it's Mommy... " and pushed his makeshift mic toward me.  How I love this boys' imagination!! And how I love enjoying these moments without suffocating from the fear of the ugly possibilities.

        If you haven't read this book, do.  Go out and buy it, read it, and mark it up.  What a great reference to add to your collection. Even if you aren't a crazy lady like me the book is wonderful.  I would keep plugging this literary work but I must run, I get to be a special guest on a radio show!!!

          **'Understanding your Divine Nature' by Grant Von Harrison is a sequel to 'Drawing on the Powers of Heaven', by same author   (I haven't read this book but plan to track it down!   'Understanding...' was a given to me to read while I was in the hospital on bed rest 3 years ago, which I didn't until now)