Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fresh Starts

Spring is in the air ~ at least until another snow hits.  For now nearly all the snow and wet dirty residue snow leaves in it's wake are gone.  We brought the boys bikes out from hiding today!  Always a great day when you can finally fly to school on wheels, eagerly gripping handlebars, after a long winter of trudging through snow.

This spring is bringing with it some new beginnings.  After 17 years with the same company, Jon was laid off, or bought out, at the beginning of February.  With this transition comes new changes at home; for the first time in our family we have a Monday-Friday routine.  Weekends actually have meaning now, since shift work is no longer our way of life.  The best part is...Dad is home for supper!    A luxury previously unavailable to us (except on days off, of course).  I really enjoy having Jon walk through the door at 4:45(ish).  The boys enjoy that too, seeing more of their Dad.  New company, new routines, new possibilities, new spring.