Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Never Stop Trying

   One of the best feelings ever is that of witnessing something amazing in your child.  I saw a glimpse of amazing in David the other day and it was awesome! You may have read in this blog about how Dave is my quieter boy, hesitant to speak up as his twin brother is anxious to be heard first. This has saddened me and confused me as to how I can draw him out with no real answers or results. Then yesterday at an outdoor rink I realized I don't need to worry so much.  He may be quiet, but he has determination when it matters.

    In Alberta Monday was Family Day, which I love, and since my husband had to work my friend and I decided to take our kids skating for the first time ever.  My boys watch hockey with Dad, and both want to be Oilers when they grow up(David actually wants to be a chef in the summer and a professional hockey player in the winter.)  So after arriving at the rink and excitedly donning skates the kids hit the ice.  Literally, over and over.  Which was to be expected, right??  The first time skating and not a chair in sight for them to practice with.  JD and my friend's daughter enjoyed it, gave it a good try, but later found it more enjoyable to play nearby.  David, however, no matter how often he fell would get back up and try again.  Not once did he get mad or frustrated at his limited abilities.  Not even one time did he ask for help, and even started refusing my aid after a while. 

     David worked at it.  He tried over and over, and over again.  By the time the skate was over and the Family Day festivities were wrapping up, my little guy could stand himself up after falling and even skate with brief, halting steps, going longer between falls.  I have never been prouder.  I have never witnessed such single-minded persistence for achievement in a child.  I certainly was never that way!!  He didn't get it from me!  In fact, I would get incredibly angry at myself if I tried something new and failed.  I would rant, rave, and quit. David is an inspiration to me! 

I won't ever forget this day and what amazingness I saw in my son.  No one knows what the future holds, but from where I'm standing it looks as though I'll be a hockey mom.  (and if he's also a chef, I will probably be a hefty hockey mom!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warm Winter Fun :)

Snow fort made with Dad

The boys have waited so long for some snow to play with!!  Now that we've had some, and some mild weather with which to enjoy it, David and JD haven't wasted any time.

Sledding with Dad and Mom!
So much fun  :)


We even made a snowman!