Saturday, May 3, 2014

Family Photo!

Our most recent family photo ~ taken in Cuba on a catamaran cruise we were lucky enough to enjoy this spring.  I feel so blessed to have a wonderful, hard-working husband who does it all so we can have precious moments together like this, memories to last a lifetime, and the opportunity to see beautiful places! 

Quilting Time

I started my quilt!  My mom helped me get started over Easter;  now I am well on my way to completing my first quilting project.  So excited!!  This will be a lap quilt ~ I think it's called an Irish Chain quilt.  Still have 3 more rows of blocks to do before I can sew all the blocks together.  My very first project!  My mom and I did a project last year, two t-shirt quilts for my boys... we worked together but Mom did most of the work.  This time, it's all me!  Yikes, hope it turns out...  LOL