Thursday, April 24, 2014

Magic Potion

     My son has a gigantic imagination.  It's wonderful, like a breath of fresh summer mountain air.  He dreams up countless career rolls for himself and puts them into action.  Usually sometime during my day an invitation will be delivered to me; an invite to a rock concert, a bakery opening, a hockey game, a lecture... you get the idea.  Frequently the invitation is to a store opening, where I can (and am expected to) buy any and all manner of goods. 

     Yesterday I was invited to such a shop.  My little guy is such an attentive shopkeeper; he will bend over backwards to serve customers whatever they are looking for.  I found a Tim Hortons apple juice bottle, the juice replaced with a cloudy water, and knew it was the item for me.  Partly because I was making supper at the time and just didn't have time to browse further, and partly because I wanted to confiscate the sketchy water bottle in the least-resistant way possible, I purchase this item with a fake credit card and left the store. 

     It was a fast sale and I could tell my son was frustrated that he couldn't provide the full-service deal, so on my way out the door I turned and asked "what is this, anyway?".  My shopkeeper absolutely loves to explain all of his products.. what they do, what they don't do, how they may be used and what else I may need to buy to go along with it.  His face brightened and after a split-second thought he replied the coolest thing I've ever heard in his store :  "It's a magic potion; if something is in your way this will make it disappear."

     Oh my little guy!  I haven't been able to shake his answer from my mind.  It hit me, because I am the thing in my way.  I have always believed all things are possible, when you work for something and give it all you got.  Yet my goals seem so unattainable because I stuck myself in the path and won't budge!  My fears of failure, my fears that I won't be able to handle success, my fears that achieving my goals will change me (and I don't handle change well..... ).  Anything and everything one could think of to stop them from moving forward in developing themselves, I have used not as a reason to power forward but as a brick in a wall in front of me.  I get in my own way. 

     My sweet boy, who lets nothing stand in his way, who loves life and lives it as fully as allowed at his young age, sold me a potion to disappear objects in my way.  How can I not learn from this?  How can I not adopt some of his love for this wonderful life and just move forward and give it my all??  That is my new goal ~ to be more like my son.  To not make lists upon lists of goals, things I want to do and learn, but to just go.  DO.  Learn.  Live life and love it.  If I want to sew a quilt, then sew it.  Get it done.  If I want to learn a language, then learn it.  Use it.  Be happy.  Like my son.


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