Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crazy Twins

I am sitting here at the computer, wanting to post on my blog because I'm long overdue, yet nothing is coming to mind. I am blank. These days leave me weary, bone-tired and braindead. When people were handing out advice while I was pregnant, why didn't someone warn me about days like this with toddlers? It seems more accurate to say 'summers' like this. The past 3 months have left me exhausted.

Before I get carried away in my complaining, I must say that I feel blessed. After all, I have two very healthy, very active little boys. I cannot believe how fast they learn, grow, and change. A couple of days ago I heard the first sentence uttered; it was JD talking to David, and he said "DD, doe to weevee, hit." Which translates in english to "David, go to the TV, hit". JD had a potato peeler in his hand, which he gave to David; David promptly walked down the hall and started smacking the TV with the peeler.

After that incident, I started paying more attention to their interaction and realized something about my boys: JD is bossy! He is often found ordering David around, to which orders David willingly complies. I have been blind; I had no idea this was going on until a couple of days ago!! Actually, I've noticed David listens to JD more than he listens to me. Or should I say, he is more obedient to JD than to me.
So the questions remain: how do I coax David out of his dependance on JD, and how do I help JD understand he needs to let David govern his own self?? On top of that, how do I get David to do what I say when JD is contradicting me? AHHHHHH!!!

Hopefully someone out there reading this post will have answers for me... I would appreciate anything you can give me!
I really am blessed though, I just need to remind myself of that more often sometimes. Even though I'm tired, I love those two little guys more than I thought was possible.

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