Friday, March 26, 2010

What is this again???

My first post of the year!! Finally. I have missed this creative outlet. Time may be harder to find for this than for my hand-written journals, but only because our computer is in an unfinished basement that we do not allow our boys to frequent.

Things are rolling so fast! Our boys talk my ears off and I love it, most of the time. JD has developed - in tone and in choice of words - a rudeness that escapes at any given time. Since I am the primary care giver around nearly 24/7, I can only believe he acquired this from me. YIKES!!!!! David is still a sweet little guy, but watches his brother closely and learns all he can from him. I give it 2 months, 3 at the outside, before sweet little angelic David picks up his younger brothers' attitude changes.

Most of the time these two are very loving, very active and excited little men who are an absolute joy to mother.

Spring is coming!! Perhaps this time it will arrive for REAL, instead of more snow and chilly days more attributed to late autumn.

Well my boys have abandoned Diego for this frigid basement where the allure of Daddy's tools is impossible to resist so I must drag them back upstairs to the land of the living. I hope that with this long absence I may get some readers again.... I will try my utmost to post regularly, if only for my sister-in-law. :) LOVE YOU ALL!

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The Samples Sampler said...

Oh my goodness! A post! Finally!! I've missed them! Welcome back!