Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things of Beauty

     Christmas is long over, the magic of that season lost in the whiteout. Life is back to normal, visiting family escaped back to the shelter of their lives, and decorations once again claiming space in the jungle that is our basement.  Spring is still only a dream, flowers sleeping off the boredom and only a select few brave birds serenade.  Someone save me!!  

      Since January is my least favorite month, I have decided to fend off winter craziness by looking for beauty in the blah.  For instance, patches of blue sky after 2 solid weeks of grey overcast glumness.  Beautiful!  Wind blown snow from the roof that sparkles in the street lights... definately beautiful, and makes me think of pixie dust.  Snow cap toppers on fence posts that the wind has carved and shaved until they resemble whip cream dollops.  Okay, maybe not beautiful, but interesting to look at!  The smiles on my sons' faces as they glide down the hill on their saucer sleds.  Absolutely beautiful!! 

     In case my readers think this is enough to beat the insanity, I assure you it isn't and I have other plans.  Swimming, for starters;  waterslides and friends, then pizza afterward-- what could be better in January?  (For those stuck here without the luxury of trips to warmer climates, I mean.)  Then there is always the barbecue, sitting out there so lonely...  simply dust the snow off and throw the steaks on.  The smell alone is beauty.   I also have in the planning folder of my brain a Girlfriends Mexican Night. Mmmmm, enchiladas! That may just have to wait. February will definately need some help.. 



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