Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Does He Do It?

         This morning I couldn't get back to sleep after my husband left for work.  Benefits of waking up before my kids.... a long, hot, uninterrupted shower.  Ahhhhhh.  Getting dressed without someone banging on the door, shouting "MOM,  MOMMY,  MOMMEEEEE, Where is my Lightning McQueen??" which really translates to "Mom how dare you take personal time when I need you!" 

         I'll try to remember this relaxing start to the day when at 3:30 PM I am about to crash from exhaustion as a result of getting up at five-freakin-o'clock!  I seriously don't know how my husband does it;  he gets up so early, works a twelve-hr shift, comes home and still has energy to play indoor hockey with our sons, tease them, have tickle wars with them, and then watch the game, have supper, run backup for me as I try to get the boys down at bedtime, then go back out to the store if there's something I've forgotten. 

          On the few mornings (VERY few) that I can't get back to sleep and end up starting my day as early as my husband starts his, my afternoons suck. I can't nap... for some reason my body just feels sick post-nap.  My stomach is queezy, I just feel yech!  So I power through the day and usually have a grumpy, grumbly afternoon. 

          I don't know, maybe Jon has an hour between lunch and supper that just drags and he feels horribly tired and cranky.  Most of the time when he gets home it doesn't show, though.  He is some kind of amazing energy-conserver, with a pack on stand-by for when his boys want to play. 

          As for me, I'll be falling asleep at 8:30 tonight, as soon as the boys go to bed.  Probably with a smile on my face, as usual when I snuggle down under the covers and relish my sleeeeeeep!

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The Samples Sampler said...

If you find out how he does it, let me know. My days start at 5:30am and I am ALWAYS in need of a nap by 9:00am!