Friday, April 15, 2011

Desperate to Ride

David and JD really, REALLY wanted to ride their bikes today.  Since we had a spring snowstorm yesterday, there was work to be done first.  The boys and I shoveled our walk and that of two of our neighbors... us being the slackers on the block, I guess.  Everyone else had shoveled theirs, except for a small patch six houses down........   Instead of making that their turn-around point, JD insisted on clearing it.
                   Can you see them waaaaaay down there?!

         Working away, JD wouldn't give up.  Before the snow, that grey box was their turn-around point, so he wouldn't leave it alone.  He wanted to get every inch of their allowed track snow-free.

                 David to the rescue with Dad's shovel!!!  "I'm coming, JD!!"

                    Crazy boys.  But it is nice to see them working together. 

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