Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earrrrly Walk

I finally did it; I actually rolled out of bed at six am and took a brisk walk. I want to run but need to work up to it, so to start out it's power walking for me.

It was beautiful; crisp, clean air, birdsong, and the distant roar of traffic - a sound I actually enjoy. I was alone on the path for the first 15 min, which was a plus!

When eventually I had to share the walking path, it was with a young man walking his dog. As we passed eachother he checked me out!! I almost tripped over my laces in surprise. This man looked me in the eye and said "Good morning!", then very obviously oggled the girls! I couldn't help my internal laughter, and I thought to myself "boy will he get a surprise if he sticks around for my leave, cuz this ass ain't small!"

Hopefully my large behind will get smaller, if I can keep up a walk and workout plan I've set up for myself. Sticking to it is the hardest part for me; I really enjoy working out and morning walks but getting into a routine and keeping it are so tough for me.

Today though, today I did it. And loved it. Apparently I still got 'it' too! Sweet. Great start on what's bound to be a great day!

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