Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Stage

I'm not sure where I've been, but sometime during the past month my boys have grown up. Still my little men, yet things have changed.
The first big change was cutting pullups at night. A few weeks ago David and JD still needed Underjams overnight. One evening at bedtime I discovered we had used the last one and SOMEONE (okay, it was me) forgot to buy more. Instead of rushing to the store we decided to try gaunchies for bed and to my pleasant surprise the beds were dry in the morning, and have remained dry since! No more diapers to buy and it feels wonderful!
The second big change is a new friend. David and JD have made friends with a seven year old girl who lives on our block. Not a big deal, but their first friend they've made on their own, not simply thrown together because the parents are good buddies. I still feel strange when she rings the doorbell asking "Can David and JD come out and play?". Part of me is thrilled, while the other part feels confused. Are we really There now? Already?
Awww, it's all good though. My little Sunshines are branching out in their preschool world.

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