Friday, September 23, 2011

The Twins are Four?!

David and JD chose a Superhero theme for their birthday this year.  I was hoping for a Firefighter theme, with a possible tour of a fire station, but nope - they knew what they wanted!  Besides, it's not MY party, but theirs...

Waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive!!!

Big Smiles!

Face paiting is always fun!  The boys are Spider Man and Iron Man.... and the girls wanted to be princesses, of course! 

 I was brave and let David and one of the guests paint my face.  It was fun for them, and I especially like my pale red mustache.  As you can see, the boys have only girl friends.  That will hopefully change now that they are in preschool!  Not that I don't love these little sweeties, they are great kids.  But, you know. 

Can't believe we forgot to take a picture of the cake before cutting!  At least you get the idea.  I opted for an ice cream cake instead of making two seperate cakes.  Less stress!


And present time.  After presents everyone played outside until dark.  The boys had a great day, and it was lots of fun for me to plan and execute.  So hard to believe the twins are 4!!


The Samples Sampler said...

Looks like a fun party! Happy birthday to your adorable boys!

maria said...

that looks like a fun little party they had.. don't worry about the girls.. at least for now anyways. i don't think little kids really care who is around them, just that they get to play together. :) i also didn't get a picture before the birthday cake was cut.. haa. too funny!!