Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is Sooo Weird – take 2


   I am writing this post on Windows Live Writer.  Never done it before, just messing around on my computer, trying to figure things out.  This feature is sooo weird!  I had a whole post typed out, then pushed the wrong button and it was gone.  Note to self:  WLW does not save every minute like Blogger does!

     I am the least technologically-savvy person you ever met.  For example, not only do I not have a smart phone – I don’t have any type of cell phone!  That’s right.  If I’m out grocery shopping and I forget an ingredient needed and have to call Jon, I have to use a pay phone.  Or my personal favorite, just guess!  I can always go back.  I would rather make two trips to the store than drive around crazily looking for a freakin’ PAY PHONE!!  And then be seen using said phone.  SO embarrassing! 

      Cell phones look cool though – every person and their dog seems to have one, and text all day long.  I would like one, just because they are cute little accessories and I would like to look important while I’m out somewhere.  So important that someone couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell me something, so they texted me right then and there! 

      I have the basics: email, facebook, google search and this blog.  I don’t know anything about configuring, or writing code, or creating a website.  I don’t have a cool little phone that can do a million things, and I don’t have an ap for that.  Somehow I get by though!  Maybe the first step to becoming technologically advanced (or just up to speed with everyone else…) is using Windows  Live Writer to post on my blog!  I feel like such a big girl already :)

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maria said...

i am not much ahead of you with the technology either. no smart phone, no website, no apps, nope.. i do have a cell phone. but we don't have a house phone.. i have the pay as you go plan. and that is all i need. so.. don't feel bad about the technology thing.. i am still trying to figure the blogging thing out.. as well as all the computer stuff. haa. one day maybe and hopefully before my kids know it!! :)