Thursday, December 4, 2008


My boys are feeling better, and consequently my kitchen received a makeover. It was pretty tame while the camera was out. Once the camera disappeared, though, I was wading through pots, pans and bowls! So much fun, and soooo cute.

David loves to walk and is getting very good at it; JD prefers to crawl still. I assumed once one walked the other would; I was wrong. My sweet JD is taking his time, once he is ready he will be a walking man.

They like the stove because they can see their reflection. Same with the dishwasher! I was trying to get JD to smile, but no luck.

As I type this, I can hear these two up in their crib, NOT taking a nap. They have so much fun together. After these pictures were taken and the pots came out and back in again, David and JD were pushing around a kitchen chair and giggling like crazy. It was so cute, my husband and I just watched and smiled at them and eachother. They discover games with eachother that only they understand. I am sure they both have big imaginations too.

My baby David, always ready with a smile for the camera.


Holly said...

aww so cute, until they start using those chairs they are pushing to help them climb onto the counters to get stuff from way up high.

Katy Lin :) said...

soooooo precious! i'm glad they're feeling better!

btw - the very first MHR inspiration post is up :)

chantal said...

They are so completely adorable!!!

Peggy said...

What a cute/funny picture of David!
Oh the kitchen is so much fun. We spend our days walking through pots and pans too. LOL Our chairs are moved all over the place!

Leslie Haverstock said...

I can't believe you were across the street the whole time! I feel like we missed so much out of each other's lives but I am grateful to know you now!