Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It has been awhile since I last wrote...consequently this will be a catch-up post. I have been busy with the boys lately! They are learning and growing at a rapid rate, and some days (weeks) it seems I can't keep up.

Sometimes I look at my sons and wonder where the time has gone; it seems only yesterday that those two were tiny babies and I was up 4 times a night with them. Now they are big boys. Sort of. Yesterday David used the Big Boy Potty, and it was so exciting! My husband and I just decided to start putting the boys on 15 minutes or so after they eat. Another new thing in their world!

They communicate more, wanting to know the names of objects around them. JD will point to something, and we will say the name of whatever it is, and the function. I will also ask them "where is the light?" and they will look at it or point to it. It is amazing to watch them make progress and communicate; they may not be able to talk yet, but it's easy to see they know what we say and understand certain things. They listen to everything.

David is walking like a pro; he keeps his balance and is now working on speed. JD is walking more every day, and while he still has trouble with balance, he keeps at it and soon will be faster. Some moments I watch them and just feel amazed and overwhelmed at their progress...it's like they want to grow and learn. The will to do and experience new things is so strong in those two. I'm sure it is that way with all kids...but these boys are my frame of reference. It's INCREDIBLE watching them process new and exciting things!!! I can almost see the wheels turning inside their heads. I find it fascinating the differences in them; David started walking before JD, and JD shows an interest in objects around him quicker than David. They are two different little minds and personalities.

When they were tiny babies, often they would hold eachothers little hand. Now that they are bigger they don't hold hands, but hug eachother. Such little sweeties! My days are now spent chasing after them, cleaning up after them, teaching them and enjoying them. When the day seems too much and I am down to taking things minute by minute, getting frustrated and fatigued, I'll see them hug eachother and my heart goes to mush. They remind me to slow down and not sweat the small stuff.

The bottom line of all this: I have been busy and I love my job. More later!!


SongbirdMama said...

Awwwww.....it really is so much fun to watch them discover the world.

Sharon said...

It's a great job you have there. What a blessing to enjoy raising those two angels of yours.