Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Love/Hate Relationship

I love so many things about spring and summer. There are also things I cannot stand about these seasons, which is why fall is my very favorite time of year. My list is as follows, in no particular order.....

~I absolutely LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass, and I love the feel of it too, on my bare feet

~I do not like, indeed I hate grasshoppers and mosquitoes

~I love the smell of BBQ, especially if it is my BBQ creating that tantalizing smell

~I really enjoy warm summer rain...the kind where the clouds aren't entirely looming and suffocating, when you see a touch of sun rays and wonder how it can rain and be sunny at the same time....

~I do not like incredibly hot, sticky and slick, hard-to-breathe, pavement-hurts-my-feet-through-my-flipflops heatwaves.

~I love the smell of night air in the know the smell...

~I enjoy the warm spots in the lake (not to be confused with the warm spots in the pool - heehee), those spots that are such a nice break from the cold water everywhere else

~I love the flowers, and when the trees come alive with green buds in springtime

~I do not care for the end of a neighbors' party when, for some reason, their friends like to linger on the front lawn and by cars to hoot, holler, and yell for all to hear...I get very, very grumbly when this happens

~I love frosty's, slurpees, screamers, creamsicles, extreme creamsicles, and all other delicious cold ice-creamy treats

~I do not like bugs. Any bugs, any crawly things...don't like 'em.

~I like the smell of freshly-oiled dirt roads...I grew up on a dirt road and learned to love the smell

~I love that I can take my boys outside!!! It's nice to be out of the house after a long winter being cooped up.

There is my list...if I have forgotten any, and I very well could have, it's because I am in a rush. But basically, that is my love/hate list for summer.

I just realized this is my first post not about family, after I changed my blog to a family-oriented read. But I can switch it up now and then; unless the blogging police knock on my door....

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