Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grandpa's 70th Birthday!

My family...Mom, Dad, me & my four brothers

My Dad in the middle, his brother & sister

Dad blowing out seventy candles!!

My little family!

Dad and all his grandchildren :) Except for 1yr old nephew. He wasn't feeling very well. My two boys, three of my brothers' four kids, and my brand new nephew...only a few weeks old!

Back again! I just can't seem to find time to post on my blog lately. Funny, I always grab a few moments to check FB... hmmm...

So we had a GREAT time at my Dad's suprise 70th birthday party! It was awesome. He thought it was a dinner with my brother and his family, but walked in the door to find his sister & brother-in-law, all of his grandkids, all of his kids and some friends. Later his brother & sister-in-law came, and my Mom's twin sister & her husband. It was so cool. That was what I was going for when planning this; I wanted him to just walk in to the room and see his entire family...which doesn't happen very often. Actually, I don't remember the last time my Dad had his entire family in one room. So it worked out great.
We kept it simple with pizza and cake, and had a great time visiting with everyone. I haven't seen my aunts and uncles for a very long, long time so it was wonderful.
As for new things with the boys.... JD can open doors now, which makes things very fun :) Both David and JD can open the fridge now too...and that makes things interesting. Yesterday I caught them in the fridge and shooed them out, only to find David had an apple. I tried to grab it but he took off running, and while he ran he snagged a bite of the apple. I usually peel and slice apples for them but decided to see how he would do eating a whole one. JD wanted an apple too, so I gave him one. They did very well.... although only ate half their apples. They did choke up alittle on the peel, so I will continue peeling their snack. *****************
They have continued repeating what we say, but now it is actually audible! So exciting!! I had them coloring the other day, and I would name the color of crayon they had. JD repeated me, saying "yellow" !!! He said the word perfectly!! If we try to get them to say words again, they won't do it. But so far the boys say a handful of words with near perfect pronounciation. It is amazing to hear!!

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