Friday, May 29, 2009

A Fence, Two Diapers, and a Happy Mom

YAY!!! The neighbors are putting their (our) fence up tomorrow. Now when I take the boys outside, I won't have to worry about the colorful wagon, tricycle, and sandbox (not to mention an assortment of other fun-looking toys) luring my sons over into the next yard.

Any time we are outside, be it playing in the yard or on a walk, the boys try to touch everything. I want to encourage that healthy curiosity with this new world they are learning about, while teaching them boundaries, and not permitting them to touch strangers' things. The item that attracts them the most is vehicles. They love cars, vans, especially big trucks. Every parked car they see, they rush over to touch, bang on, and scratch.


Today David and JD were helping me .... more than they ever have before. I needed a couple of diapers and sent David for them; he actually came back with two diapers and handed them to me!! There were several incidents like this today, and it was wonderful. WONDERFUL!! Proof that they do listen, they do hear me, and they do understand. Since they do their best to ignore every reprimand and continue whatever it is I've asked them to stop, I was beginning to wonder if they understand english and if they could actually hear me. Today was a great day marking a new step in our parent/child relationship. I am not invisible! Hurray!!


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Michelle said...

Hooray for David!