Friday, September 10, 2010


In a week & a half my boys will be 3.  It's really hard to believe how fast time flies;  I know it's only three and those of you with older kids are probably rolling your eyes at that last sentence... but it really does fly.  Seems like they were only born last week, just started crawling last week, spoke their first word last week... and now they will be three. 

           The point of this post is not to reminisce over the past 3 years;  the point of this is ....  drum roll please...   when Grandma Cindy leaves a day or two after the birthday party she's taking my boys with her for about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!     !!!!!!!!!!     This post is a celebration of my first real vacation  in 3 years.  

           I did take a weekend off when the boys were 8 months, Jon and I went with some friends to Banff and Grandpa Ron & Grandma Terry watched our boys for the weekend.  But they were so young that even though I had fun in Banff my thoughts were mostly on David and JD.  This will be a real vacation in that I have time ..  time for a bubble bath, time to actually get walls washed, baseboards scrubbed, carpets cleaned (doesn't sound like a vacation, does it? But when none of that gets done uninterrupted, it will be so nice to take on a project I can actually finish!) , heck, I'll have time to go to the bathroom without hearing "MOM!  MOM, WHERE ARE YOU?" .  

            I am so excited.  And not in the least worried.  Grandma Cindy has this in the bag!  Plus if in any way it is a problem, or the boys are homesick, or I miss them too much we just have to cut the visit short.  My mother-in-law is so excited since she only gets to see the boys once, maybe twice a year.  They know her and miss her, talk on the phone with her a lot, so I am not worried- they will have a great time. 

            And all the stuff I can do!!!!!  This house needs an overhaul, and I can sleep in and still get tons of cleaning done.  Maybe I'll wax the floors.  Maybe I'll meet friends for lunch.  Maybe I'll cook my husband a gourmet meal to be ready when he gets home from work.  Maybe I'll .....  the possibilities are endless!  

Last year, Grandma Cindy reading to the crazy-hair boys!

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SongbirdMama said...

Something tells me grandma Cindy is going to love this just as much as you and Jon. I know my mom almost gets giddy when she gets to spend extended time with her grandsons. You guys have FUN!!!