Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Killing Time...

                       Well I made it through the first 2 days okay.  Those of you who read my last post know that my boys are with their grandma for 2 weeks.  The first couple of mornings waking up without those smiles were rough but I'm pulling through!  (chuckle)

                        While my wonderful mother-in-law was here she purchased a bunk-bed set for my boys as their birthday present.  The past few days I have been cleaning out their room to get ready for the delivery of the beds.  Down came the cribs, which without front rails served very well as toddler beds.  I wasn't even emotional (unusual for me) while I dismantled the cribs, only reflective on the past 3 years.  I thought of when the boys were so tiny I had them sleep in the same crib, then as they grew separating them (which for some reason was tough to do), and finally when the rails came down and the boys were free to come and go as they pleased (boy was THAT fun!). 

                        After the cribs were out it was organizing toys and clothes - I had a lot of pants and shirts in regular circulation that were too small for them.  This, with toys and clothes organized in the closet, left an empty room save for their basketball net.  It's so strange to not only have a very, VERY quiet house but also an empty boys room!  I just finished vacuuming and washing the walls.  Ready for the new bunks to come!  That will be a fun job, assembly....  haha.  Then it won't be a toddler room anymore but a Big Boy Room!

                        So for once in my life I got my work done before I played, and now I have a few days to do the fun stuff!  Meeting up with friends, shopping, and decorating the walls in the boys room.  Yay! 

                         On a separate topic, thank you to those who've inquired about my parents.  They are doing well, really enjoying their mission to Nauvoo.  When they aren't working in the temple they have been bike riding around the countryside and working a garden.  Their mission ends on Nov. 1st and they will be returning shortly thereafter.  :)


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