Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kindness Spree

In our neighborhood there has been a serious rash of toy giveaways.  I'm not sure what happened; this used to be such a quiet neighborhood, very safe.  Now this recent toy-dropping leads me to suspect we have some pretty great neighbors. 

For some reason my boys have been the 'victims' in this spree.  First a small quad was given, then two large (albeit broken, but the boys don't care) remote-control quads.  I started to worry then, what was going on?  Do we look like a needy family?  I know my wardrobe is in desperate need of an updating, but come on. 

The most recent toy to suddenly appear in my yard was a big ride-on loader, like those jeeps at Toys R Us.  Pedal-powered and awesome, my boys couldn't believe their eyes.  I asked their friends why it was dropped off and they named a family down the street... this family has 5 kids, the youngest being twin girls about 9 months old.  As I saw the oldest boy in this family return to our yard, a.k.a. scene of the crime, I pulled him aside and asked what the deal was.  He told me they had been trying to sell the loader on Kijiji for quite awhile with no luck, and that they decided to just give it to the boys.  I asked how much they wanted for it, and this young man said "oh, nothing at all".  I couldn't believe my ears.  I suspect this family will be hit with a sudden rash of baking! 

What is this world coming to?  Just when you think no one gives a damn about anyone else, something like this happens. 

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