Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Save me, Save me Now!


       I think I might be dying.  Not literally, just… a part of me.  You see, a couple of days ago my sons brought home some booklets for their fundraiser.  Being as how they are in a community preschool, we have a lot of volunteering to do as well as fundraising.  The fundraiser is… drum roll please…  Purdy’s Chocolates!  That’s right.  I have two beautiful, detailed booklets packed full of gorgeous chocolaty treats sitting on my counter. 

       Hedge hogs, almond bark, mint melties – it’s all there.  Page after page of decadent treat… and I want it ALL!!  The Sweet Georgia Browns stare at me.  The English Toffee whispers my name and the little foil Santa winks every time our eyes meet.  Like I said, I think I might be dying. 

       It’s almost painful, staring at these glossy magazines.  I am definitely putting an order in!  A small one, but still.  Gotta get me some peppermint bark, and maybe splurge on some toffee.  And a small box of assorted chocolates.  And…  aww  crap.  I’m in trouble. 



Mmmmmmm!  I love chocolates!!

002I could eat it all!  My favorites are chocolate-covered caramels, Mmmm mmmm mmmmmm!

       David is a little salesman!  It’s so cute.  On the phone with his Grandpa Ron he says “we have chocolates, would you like to buy some?”.  He is so adorable, and a charmer, if we went door-to-door David would clean house. 

       After this fundraising program is over, I am throwing away the booklets!!  I have to!  I am trying to lose weight and get fit and healthy, and staring at these things is NOT the way to go!  Maybe it would be better if I just throw them away now, and cut a check for the preschool.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  No crunchy bark taunting me, no creamy chocolate beckoning me.  OR I can just keep staring, dream, and order a little somethin’ somethin’ for myself! 


    *** If anyone is interested in buying some chocolates, just give me a call.  (if you don’t have my number you can msg my fb)  Prices range from $10 - $50 and up.  We need to have orders in by mid-November, and I pick up the orders Dec. 4th.*** 

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