Thursday, October 13, 2011

Two Treasures

     There is a place on the SAIT campus that I love;  a gentle slope scattered with trees and in autumn there is a blanket of colorful leaves on the ground.  If you sit in a certain spot the trees open up and BOOM! there is downtown Calgary in the near distance.  The golden trees, sun glinting off glass buildings, the river winding like a ribbon... it's breathtaking.  I used to sit and soak it all up.... my breath would just get knocked out of my chest! 

     Coasting down Whyte Ave there is a bridge crossing a ravine.  In the winter at night,  if you are brave enough (or if you aren't driving!) the second you start across the bridge look to your right and you will see an amazing view of downtown Edmonton.  The snow glistening in the city lights, the colorful trees on the Telus building, the snow-globe beauty of winter in the city all come together for a remarkable sight.  The best part about this incredibly beautiful view is it's gone in 15 seconds!  Blah city streets, then WOWZA LOOK AT THAT!!!!, then it is just gone, in the blink of an eye. 

     Someday after my photography class I shall take a very expensive camera and capture these images, and treasure them forever. 

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