Saturday, May 12, 2012

Another My Guy!

This smile is bright as the sun!  Every morning I get to see this smile - well, most every morning.  One of the sweetest things on this earth is a sleepy, bright-eyed smile saying "good morning Mom", and this guy has one of the best.

Every day I learn new things about my little man.  He is such a little individual! Quick to show me new things he can do with his body (i.e. snap, hop on one foot) and very excited about growing and learning these things. This guy is also quick to ask questions about confusing things he may see or hear, wanting answers that make sense to him and help him figure out this life.  He is sensitive though; if he asks a serious question and is met with criticism or isn't taken seriously, he is quick to retreat and slow to reach out later on. 

I love this little man so much.  He can do anything!! While he gets very frustrated with his limitations sometimes, with some coaxing he will keep trying until he gets it.  This little man likes to prove the theory of 'practice makes perfect'. 
 I love watching him learn and grow, the delight in his world so plain on his face.  My sweet guy.

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