Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Quick Note

     I have been MIA for a while.  Again.  But have no fear, here I am.  Does anyone even read this thing anyway? 

     We have been busy, and the next few weeks are even more so.  The boys are in their last month of preschool, then school's out for summer!  YAY!  There is a field trip coming up, a Mother's Day Tea tomorrow, and even a little graduation ceremony on the last day! 

     Some of our family have been over for a visit... quite a few actually and we have enjoyed visiting with each and every one of them over the past few weeks. How I miss our families!! Everyone is so far away. Grandpa Ron brought his guitar and even gave the boys a lesson, which they absolutely loved...

   Little rock stars, both of them.  Man I love those little guys!  Those are new suits that Grandpa bought... now they are sharp dressed men. 

    Here's to spring - all you peeps out there.  Lovin' it, living it, and looking forward to summer, the best summer yet!  (I will do my best to post our activities more often!!)


1 comment:

maria said...

yes. i read your posts as often as i see them.. :) i always enjoy reading them. your little boys are handsome as ever.