Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank You Stranger

This morning I rounded up the boys and we strolled outside for a walk on the nearby trail. I really love that we have a walking trail 25 - 30 steps from our front door! It's wonderful. Anyhow, this morning I ventured out with my boys on said trail, and came across a stranger. A woman was simultaniously walking her dog, swinging a contraption that launches a tennis ball out for a dog to chase after, and pushing a stroller. Now, I realize every situation is different and if I only had one boy, or if my boys were on bikes or something, I might be able to also walk my dog while taking my boys out. Putting boys who don't always listen together with a dog who never listens is a recipe for disaster, not to mention perfect conditions for my public meltdown.

* * *

I constantly feel guilty for not taking Diesel out; poor puppy wants to run so bad! I save his walk for after the boys go to bed. Well, after the boys go to bed I have a house to tidy, I am exhausted, and Diesels walk gets pushed away. So I am in awe of any woman who manages to get her kids out of the house and also take the dog for a walk.

As I watched incredulously (gee I hope my face wasn't nakedly showing my awe) this woman further floored me. She didn't ask the Usual 3... the Usual 3 questions any parent of multiples gets asked nearly every time they leave the house. What she DID ask me was "how old were they when they learned to walk?"
I answered this woman and as we chatted, I realized how much I miss talking to adults. I mean, really talking to adults, not just saying "yes, they are twins; no, the smaller one is the older one; (etc,etc)" . I was able to REALLY visit with another mom about kids and which stages they learn what, etc. It was AWESOME!!! She was so nice and eager for her little guy to walk (he walks along furniture and is just starting to venture out the first few steps without holding on).

So Thank You, whoever you are. I thoroughly enjoyed our chitchatting today, and thanks to your example, I feel more ready to bring my dog next time. You made an impact on my life today, and don't even know.

* * *

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SongbirdMama said...

Amazing how just a moment with someone can impact our lives isn't it? I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day out.