Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lovely Day

Awww...what a beautiful day today. Around the neighborhood I can hear people enjoying their Saturday. Some are laying gravel aside their garage, kids are laughing as they zip by on their bikes, and someone has a radio going. I mentioned to my husband a couple of nights ago that sometimes the various sounds around the neighborhood make me think of campsites, and the similar sounds. He looked at me like I was crazy and admitted he did not see any similarities at all. Oh well, I guess great minds don't always think alike.

I have big plans for our yard. Stuffed somewhere in my head are visions of a river-stone path, flower bed, those 5 ft fir trees along the fence, and a patio set. I love that I have these plans, and I love that it doesn't need to be done tomorrow...if that makes sense. I love that the yard is ours and over the seasons we can gradually build on it to match the vision in our minds. On a day like today, with the hot sun and cloudless sky watching, I love that I can sit outside and visualize and listen to the neighborhood likewise enjoying this wonderful Saturday until my skin blisters red. Well, maybe not that long; there IS skin cancer and painful burns to worry about, after all. But you get the idea.

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SongbirdMama said...

What a great vision. This is the reason I look forward to finally owning my own home. I have so many dreams too....but I don't want to waste them on someone else's home.