Friday, June 26, 2009

Rush Job

I have to make this quick, because I'm starting this new thing where I manage my time better. Nap time for the boys used to be my time on the computer. An hour or two of luxuriously free time, which I would gladly spend sitting on my kishter surfing the giant nothingness. Well now, I have given myself a half-hour for surfing, a half-hour for my workout, 15 minutes for post-workout shower, and the remaining 45 minutes (if I'm lucky, that is) for tidy-up from the pre-nap twinado.
So...recap... Father's Day. I found a recipe on the net for handprint clay and made it. It didn't work out well; the clay was too hard to really imprint on, and the boys didn't want to stick their hands in it. WHAT??!?! How could the boys not want to stick their hands in something wierd and sort of gooey?? They are boys, after all. So I compromised, stuck the clay in the microwave and worked it some more, then had the boys place their feet in. Then I used a toothpick to carve their names and the date, then baked the suckers. The recipe promised it would harden as it cooled, which it didn't, so the result was a play-doughey kind of mess with the boys feet in it. I gave the two supposed-to-be-smooth-discs to my husband for Fathers Day. They look like the boys actually made them out of play-dough. But whatever; we didn't get their hand/feet prints at birth so I still think this was a cool gift. Daddy says he likes them, and I will believe him. :)

~~~ We took the boys to the zoo last saturday, and had a great time. The zoo has a train ride, which the boys loved since they are crazy about trains. We saw an elephant, some arctic wolves, tigers, monkeys, a red panda, a camel, and other animals the boys have never seen before. At the Llama enclosure, David and JD tried to climb under the bar fence, and they fit perfectly... luckily we grabbed them first. Sadly we didn't take any pictures... on the next trip for sure we will document it with photographs.

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