Monday, June 29, 2009

The Chair

I am living in the Land of Tiny Hooligans. How I got here? I'm not sure... one day I had these incredibly cute babies, and then I woke up. How I found time to fall asleep in the first place, I'm not even sure. Maybe they drugged me. These guys are crazy!! They are constantly pulling the mattress off JD's bed during nap time. I can't even fathom why. Because they can, I guess?? They climb up onto anything and everything. Sometimes they fall, sometimes they don't. Pretty much they bounce off the walls. Now, this may sound like complaining... but really it's not. It's my attempt at humorously relaying their antics. These little guys make me laugh every day with the silly things they do. It's hard to think of them a babies anymore. But once in awhile...

The past few nights they have been waking up scared in the night. So I have enjoyed a few moments lately when they still seem like babies, rocking in our chair. I nearly had Daddy take the chair out of their room; nighttime feedings have been over for a long, long time and it just seems to clutter the room. Plus I figured Dad could use it as an ultra-comfy place to sit while watching UFC. But then something happened; we entered the stage of waking at night scared. For some reason these two won't go back to sleep in our bed (which may or may not be lucky for us), so rocking in the chair it is. I get to snuggle, smell their hair, squeeze them, sing to them, kiss their cheeks, dry their tears, and rock the scaries away. I love every minute of it, even though it means I don't get to snuggle into bed and drift off myself.

So even though our days are filled with me chasing them, them laughing and running away; me putting back together everything they take apart; them constantly putting their feet on the table at mealtime and climbing on everything in sight..... once in awhile nighttime is a treasure.

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