Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Oh, to be young again. The past few days some of the youngsters in our neighborhood have been running/riding bikes around, hooting and hollering in some imaginary game they were playing. It is such a nice sound to me, and brings back memories of my childhood when I ran around, hooting and hollering.
~~~ I grew up in a small town and we lived on the very edge; behind our house we had a massive garden, an alley, and then fields. Boy did I love all the imaginary games we played in that tiny corner of the world!! I did have a huge imagination, too. I was a pioneer girl weeding the garden, a super-spy navigating the alley, a ranch girl taking care of the horses in the field; there was no end to the games my brothers and I (or just me) dreamed up. I remember clearly one summer my mom cut my hair just shy of shoulder-length, and I galloped around on an imaginary horse, pretending to be She-Ra. Actually, almost any time I left the house I was playing an imaginary game, even if I was only on a small errand of getting a few onions out of the garden for supper.
~~~ Those were the days. When you are young, summer lasts forever. I will never forget some things: summer swimming passes for the town pool, treats from Fast Eddies, riding bikes to Temple Hill and back, and Lions Park. So many wonderful, carefree times.

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Michelle said...

Ahh man! I would LOVE a slupree from Fast Eddies...*sigh*