Saturday, July 11, 2009

What To Do?

I don't know how other Moms do it. Seriously. I really feel like I need a break, just a few hours to myself where I don't have to worry about anything on the homefront. So tonight I was searching through babysitter ads on Kijiji, and though I started out hopeful the more ads I read, the tighter my throat got. My chest tightened up, my throat... just the thought of trusting my children to someone else almost gave me a panic attack. Which is kinda ridiculous; I myself babysat in my youth for multiple families, and really enjoyed it. But now I am starting to wonder how those parents could even leave the house! I know I need my own time, time just for me to regroup and decompress. But it is so hard to even think of leaving my boys with strangers. Maybe when they are older it will be easier; but I don't want to wait that long for my time. I am going to whine now and say that I really wish I had parents or in-laws close by who could give me a regular, much needed break. And by regular, not to scare anyone off, I mean once a month. I figure if I had 4 hours to myself once a month I wouldn't get to this point. So, parents and in-laws, are you considering this wonderful city for your new home? Or am I to just bite the bullet and hire a babysitter? Maybe it will get easier after the first time...

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