Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sleeping Angels

Aww...who doesn't love sleeping babies? I know I sure do. Not only do they look peaceful and angelic, but it's quiet! Several things aren't going on when they are asleep. The playpen isn't being moved around the room (they are strong boys). Contents of the diaper bag actually stay in the diaper bag! The abundance of musical toys are hushed. No one is pushed over, hit, or has a favorite toy stolen. My Grandmother's organ stool actually stays where it is intended to be - at the organ!! Shoes that unfortunately are yanked from their hiding spot aren't being chewed on or de-laced. The phone is safe from unintended long, long distance calls. No one gets stuck in a tight space while trying to reach things they shouldn't be trying to reach. Our dog Diesel is safe from curious babies pulling his hair, tail and paws, and chasing him around the room. And Mommy doesn't have to once say "no, sweetie, that's not for you. No, David, don't be a bully! Put that down JD. Hey you two...stop bugging Diesel! How did you get this stool all the way across the room?? ISN'T IT NAP TIME YET??!?!?"

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