Thursday, August 28, 2008

Left Out!

This morning over breakfast these two had their own conversation going on...which I was not part of, nor welcome in, for that matter. I don't know what was so funny, but David had JD laughing and vice versa. They were babbling back and forth, and giggling like they had just hatched the greatest plan ever. It is so sweet watching them communicate...and understand eachother!! It is somewhat of a mystery to me though; I don't understand their baby babble yet they totally know what each other is saying. How does that work? This is only the beginning though, I understand THAT! They will forever be sharing secrets and jokes, inventing schemes and tricks....of which I am sure Daddy & I will be the targets!! I can't wait for that to start. It will be so much fun! One of the main pieces of advice we found from other parents of twins was to "keep your sense of humor", which we intend to do. From the early days now, I am sure we will need it with these tricksters!!
For now, when they are talking together and laughing it up, if I try to include myself the conversation immediately stops. The giggling ceases, and they look at me as if to say "what do you want? We are busy here!" I have learned when these two are willing to share laughs with me and when they are more private moments between the two of them. ;D

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