Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning?!?!

Oh man, I am so tired this morning. The boys were up EARLY, putting me clocking in at 5 AM. From the sound of JD's cry, he had a bad dream or something scared him enough to startle him out of sleep. And once one is up...well you can imagine how it goes most of the time. I hate hearing that 'terrified' cry. It breaks my heart alittle! I wonder what the babies are dreaming of to bring that cry on??
Well JD is in a new stage where snuggling with Mommy isn't as great as it used to be :( . It's hard!! When he was smaller, cuddling with me was one of his favorite things to do! And of course, I loved it. Now....when I hold him he tries everything to get away. Who knew babies could twist that way? He just sort of slips out of my arms.... lol. I had better get used to it, I suppose. Now that they have the freedom crawling brings, who wants to be tied down with Mommy??? David still likes to snuggle, near the end of the day when he gets tired, he loves to sit on my lap and just observe the room. He is still a cuddly little baby in some ways. In other ways though he is just as much a troublemaker as his brother! I can't believe how they work together. Actually, it's adorable how close they are. It warms my heart when they play together. Often times at night they will start crying at the exact same time, and cry for a minute or two, then go back to sleep at the exact same time. I have to wonder if they are dreaming the same dream?!?! I would've only expected this level of closeness from identical twins, not so much from fraternal twins. I love it, because I know they will take care of eachother in the tough years ahead... a.k.a. school years.

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