Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bath, Books and Beyond

There is a four letter word that I won't say around my boys, unless I really mean it. That word is ~ BATH. As soon as this word is mentioned, David and JD rush to the bathroom door (which I have to keep closed due to situations involving tiny hands and the toilet) and bang on the door. I really have to be careful, and only say that word if I intend on giving them a bath at that minute! Otherwise it's a whole dramatic situation involving alot of attempted misdirection on my part and alot of blatant disregard for the misdirection on their part.
One day while the boys were playing, I accidentally started singing that bath song that Ernie (Sesame Street) used to know, that "rubber duckie, you're the one! You make bathtime so much fun..." song ??? Well I started singing that and the boys of course raced to the bathroom door and proceeded to bang on the door... not a good situation and there was crying involved. They are tough little boys too!! When they bang on the door it sounds like there is a sledgehammer doing the work!

Another thing I cannot joke about, can only say if it's true, is "Daddy's home!". If I say this and he isn't actually home (sometimes the neighbors car sounds like ours), they will go excitedly looking for Daddy and be terribly disappointed if he doesn't turn up. It's a whole dramatic scene. They love it when Dad is home and JD is starting to cry when Dad leaves the house. The other day, Daddy when into the washroom and shut the door, and David burst into tears!
It is so cute how much they love Daddy. Of course they still love Mommy, when it's snack time or if one has a toy stolen by the other one. :) This actually works out great because I have time now. I started a course called "Writing for Children and Teenagers", and when my hubby is on days off I have time to work on it during the day. With the boys so independant (more or less) now, I have much more time than I used to. It's so nice! I can work on my course, read, or clean (though that takes more finesse, since the boys love to help).... I just have more freedom to get things done. Since they love to play with Daddy I use that to my advantage too!

On the downside of this independance....they can get into much more stuff. The boys can open the oven door (thank goodness it has a lock for when I'm baking). JD was hanging on the handle one day, with David beside him, and BANG!! The door came down on top of both their heads. They can also open the dishwasher too... and have figured out that pushing the buttons produces results. David stopped a load of dishes from getting washed by pushing the pause button.
While I have more time to get things done, I also seem to have less time because I have to follow them around when the boys are in their investigative moods.

It's all fun though and I love this stage they are in. What a great age!! Just out of babydom but not yet into the Terrible Twos. Love it!


Holly said...

oh the "B" word. we can't use that in my house either, or Calliope is in the bathroom taking off her clothes. And lots of tears as well when she can't have one.

SongbirdMama said...

Ha ha ha.....Ryker is the same way. And he's almost 5. That kid loves the tub and would bath 6 times a day if I let him.