Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funeral Trip

On Valentine's Day my grandma died, and is now with my grandpa after 30 years of being apart. Yesterday was her funeral, and I drove down with my boys and my brother. It was so nice to see my family and extended family! The funeral was nice too, what I could hear of it.

The church that hosted the funeral had a little room at the back of the chapel, just a walled-in corner really, that was the nursery. There were windows looking into the chapel and it wasn't soundproof, so I could still hear the service, and there were toys. I have to say Thank Goodness for this nursery!! After a couple of hours strapped into car seats, my boys were out for blood and I was able to let them loose to play.

Among the toys was a life-size doll, the same size as my boys. She was sitting on the floor, against the wall, and JD sat down next to her. He held out a toy car to her, and insistently kept holding it out, looking at her, then at me, just wondering why she wouldn't take the toy he was offering!! I had to smile at his attempt at sharing, and tapped the doll, telling him it was not a real girl but a toy. He didn't understand, and after a minute of trying to play with her and getting no response, he got bored and got up, heading off to the toy shelf. My little sweet JD, trying to be nice....

After the service there was a luncheon in the adjoining hall. I did have more help from my parents and brothers, but I was seriously missing my husband in looking after both boys. JD made a few daring escapes by crawling under tables and heading for the buffet. There was a wooden pamphlet stand near where we were seated, and David was content on pulling out pamphlet after pamphlet. Most hit the floor, but he did distribute some of them to his uncles and grandparents. This particular stand had slots and then thin wooden 'bars' to contain the pamphlets, and JD saw a loose one and pulled it out, nail and all!! I fixed it, only to find David had witnessed this and began shaking the other wooden bars to see if they too would pop off. It was cute and all, but I was going slowly crazy....especially when I looked around and saw my cousins' kids, some around the same age as my boys, all sitting nicely and generally not being destructive to the premisis.

I have so many great memories of my Grandma, and I am happy that she is with Grandpa again. One of the things my Grandma and I have in common is...... we both have twins!

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SongbirdMama said...

Karen, I'm so sorry that you lost your grandma. But, like me, I'm glad you have some fond memories to pass down to your boys. My grandma passed away 10 years this spring, and I still miss her and think about her every day.