Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No More Thoughts

I have decided to change my blog a little; it will be from now on only family stuff. Not that it was a forum for diverse topics previously....but the stress of trying to come up with interesting things to say was getting to me. Maybe you could tell by my ever-increasing MIA periods. I read so many interesting blogs, and wish I could create something as fascinating. But the fact remains that the main reason I started this was for my family, all of whom don't regularly see us, to keep up with the boys' progress and pictures. So since I'm having such a hard time posting interesting thoughts from the deep recesses of my mind, I shall stick to what I enjoy best, which is talking about my family.
Anyone who knows me or even just stumbles upon this blog is still welcome to read, and even follow. If they choose! It might not be interesting (if it ever was) to those not eager to hear of my boys.

Okay, enough of this rambling. Today seemed to be a very hectic day ~ and we didn't do anything! I should have bundled the boys up and dragged them outside to enjoy the sunshine, but alas I shrank from that exhertion. We stayed indoors all day.
David is almost running. He motors around the house at a fast pace....the sort of pace that's more than walking but not quite coordinated enough to be considered jogging.... at any rate, he is getting fast and more sure of his footing every day. So is JD. The down side of this is they don't look where they are going, and we've had more than a few head-crashing-into-table episodes. Luckily, none that resulted in stitches, let alone a mere cut. They have pretty thick heads!

They are trying harder each day to repeat words/phrases we say. Among them are Peek-a-boo, bye-bye, Diesel Enough! . I didn't realize they were doing this until just the other day because the sounds that come out don't really resemble what I say.... it took me awhile to clue in that that was indeed what they were doing. Copying Mom. It is so cute!

I guess that's it for now...it's past my bed time, he he he

Enjoy the new family-focused blog, I know I will!

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Peggy said...

Hey, I for one like a family focused blog! :) Your boys are as cute as ever! It took me a bit to realize my little ones were actually saying words too... LOL!! You have to really stop and listen. They KNOW what they are saying:)