Wednesday, August 18, 2010


An amazing thing happened yesterday.  Jon decided to shake up routine for the boys and take us all to McDonalds for supper, so the boys could play in the playplace.  When I say shake up routine, I mean actually go inside the restaurant.  We don't eat near as much fast food anymore, but when we do it's the drive-thru for us. 

         This is the amazing part: the playplace was EMPTY.  That's right, empty!  I couldn't believe it.  David and JD had only been there once before, and they were too little to climb the shelves inside the tubes, not to mention overwhelmed by the swarm of children rushing over them.  This visit they were tall enough to climb, and had the whole place to themselves.  Jon and I ate our supper to the excited cries of "Look at me Mom, Dad, I'm way up here!"  

          I don't know if I don't plan enough new, exciting experiences for the boys or not... probably not.  But this simple meal out was so wonderful in that we were able to see pure joy on our boys' faces.  I haven't seen them that excited about something in a long, long time.  JD even overcame his fear of tunnel slides;  he avoided the slide over and over, then finally very bravely went down the slide.  He found it wasn't as bad as he thought and then frequented the slide until we left. 

           It made me so happy, and I'm sure Jonny too, to hear and see our boys so elated and joyful.  Now I have a goal to create more new, exciting adventures for the boys, instead of letting the rut of routine rule our lives.

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SongbirdMama said...

Isn't it great to see your kids finding joy in new things?