Friday, August 13, 2010

One Great Summer

I have to say this is the best summer of my life to date. Better than the summer of '94, which was one of the greatest; that bridge-jumping, movie-going, pre-grade 12 carefree summer with a close gang of buddies was certainly one of the most memorable. This summer was even better than the great summer of '04, in which I planned and enjoyed my wedding and honeymoon! This summer has been the summer I watched my boys grow from babyish toddlers into little guys.

I look at their bodies which are taller, less pudgy, running, jumping, fun-finding machines, and wonder where the cuddly little babies went. These guys go, go, GO constantly and their motor-mouths never stop moving. What imaginations they have, too! At any given point in the day they are putting out fires, driving race cars to Grandma's house, talking on the (imaginary) phone to a loved one, or going to 'work'. They put gas in a car, hook up a tow truck, or escape from crocodiles just in time. Any item I need can be found in David's 'packpack', and should I wish for a treat they will zoom off to the store to get one.

I pretty much have to hold them down to give hugs and kisses, at which point I long for my cuddly little babies who would snuggle right up for as long as I wanted. Other than missing that closeness I totally love the stage David and JD are at. It is so much fun! I have been 'Firefighter Mommy', a ghost hunter, a pirate fighter, a race car driver (though I have yet to win a race), a shark catcher, and of course a tickle monster. The games they come up with are endless and amusing. For example, I walked upstairs the other day to find them quickly jumping into a foxhole to find treasure.

My little guys didn't get into preschool this fall, since the only affordable one for us had a long waiting list. I wonder if that will set them back, since every other child we know of the same age will be going to preschool, but instead I will focus on the extra year I get to have my sweetie-pies at home with me. I'll enjoy every minute of firefighting, exploring, hunting and driving, another wonderful summer, and when they are four I will share them with the world of public education.

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