Monday, August 30, 2010

Got Junk?

It is a rainy, cool day today, and while I have to get the boys outside later to burn off energy (let's face it, that's a necessity with children!) for now we are organizing.  It doesn't take long for clutter to appear in day-to-day life, unless you are one of those excessively tidy people.  (I have dropped in on a friend or two to return an item, only to find a SPOTLESS home behind their front door - that is NOT me!)  In our household clutter gathers at a speedy rate and grows, finding a comfortable habitat.  So we are organizing. 

       As I am organizing I realize that what I am organizing is... junk.  Yup, junk that we do not use, or no longer use at least.  Coats that no longer fit the boys which they love to free from the closet and fling around the room.  Blankets used primarily for tents and forts, which have holes and/or are so old they haven't been used in the capacity they were made for for quite some time.  Baby toys which I have confiscated, but not given/thrown away, have been found repeatedly and strewn around the house.  Trinkets.  Old suitcases. Flyers I save for Jon to read, which he doesn't get around to, and even though they are now out-of-date I still save for him to read...   you get the idea. 

     So this is my fall project.  Get rid of the junk!  And it's not garage-sale material, even the baby toys which I will give to good will instead.  It's mainly junk!  Toys and coats will be given to good will or the annual Coats for Kids drive.  Everything else?  TO THE DUMP!!!!   I look around and speculate on how much nicer our house will feel, how much more like a HOME it will feel, once the junk is not spread around like pixie dust.  I could breathe again.... 

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