Tuesday, August 24, 2010


***This just in:  I am so proud of my boys!  Today was a very successful potty day!  I have been pulling teeth to get my boys to use the potty, which isn't good because the more you push the less they want to try.  All it took was a bag of bite-size chocolate bars for incentive (my husband is a genius!) - one bar for doing the deed and an extra bar if they go in totally on their own without me telling them.  It worked!  The candy is even long gone yet they still are excited about being big boys who use the potty, and continue to try their best. 

***Funny comments I hear:  Our computer is in the basement, along with Daddy's tools and boxes and things.  The boys always want play down in the basement and get into everything!  JD has started telling me "you have to check your email!" whenever he wants to come down.  Today he tried that one over and over, to no avail, when finally he said in his most persuasive voice "Mommy, you have to check your blog!!"   I laughed so hard!  I had only mentioned my blog one time, a long time ago, when he asked what I was doing and I replied "just posting on my blog".  

***Deed of the day:  I mowed the lawn today.  Yup, couldn't stand it anymore and said to myself TOO BAD JONNY (he loves to take care of his lawn), and I went and mowed it.  Looks so much better now!  He's working for another 6 days and it would've been a jungle by then.  Oh, and I killed two gigantic spiders.

***Oops I did it again:  yes, I tried a new recipe today and it bombed.  I have this potato cook book packed full of yummy recipes but whenever I try one it mysteriously doesn't work out.  Tonight it was potato & ground beef meatballs.  They looked good in the pan, my perfect meatballs, until I swirled the pan like I do to turn regular meatballs and they just MUSHED.  I can't even describe it, other than saying they just mushed.  I was sad.  Again. 

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The Samples Sampler said...

I hate it when recipes bomb! It's so disappointing!