Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Moments to Remember

With the boys' first birthday looming just around the corner, I find myself thinking back over the past year. In some ways I can hardly believe we made it! It went by so fast.
There are many special moments I want to engrave on my heart forever. For example, on the night the twins were born; I never want to forget the way Jon looked all dressed up in scrubs. Dr. Surry!! lol. I always want to remember the sheer excitement and sense of urgency as we walked across the pedway leading into the hospital, on our way to see our babies in the NICU. We couldn't get their fast enough! (Why is the parkade SO FAR from the main entrance??!) I don't ever want to forget how adorable the boys looked while they shared a crib. Lying next to eachother, all wrapped up in blankets; so tiny in such a huge crib. It seems all of this was a million years ago!
I want to carve every moment into my memory! I am still mourning the infants they were; wanting tiny, cuddly babies again, while at the same time loving so much the stage they are at!! These two have never been cuter. I want to remember David's crazy hair (in case it relaxes as he grows). He always looks charged up, as if he stuck his finger in a light socket! I love it. He got that from Daddy. :D I never want to forget JD's first-thing-in-the-morning smile. He always has one for me!! But I know in the years to come, specifically the teenage years, I won't be seeing a smile first thing in the morning.
Even while they are changing and growing every day, there are things I know will stick around for years to come. I want to remember the protectiveness JD has over David. I always want to have in my memory the looks and smiles they give eachother. I want to remember the sameness; there are things they do at the same time. Such as in the middle of the night, they will suddenly start crying, then suddenly stop, at the same time. Or while playing, they will simultaniously stand up and move on to something else.
I always want to remember the two of them chasing Daddy around while he crawls to get away from them. The happy noises; I never ever want to forget their happy noises. There are many, many moments to hold in my heart as they grow and enter new stages all the time. Soon they will be 1, and officially toddlers. I love it all!!! Who knows what is next around the corner? I'm sure more adventures await; and with all the wonderful things tucked away in my memory bank, I am ready to jump in with both feet and start the next phase!


Jenna said...

Ok...that just brought tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

This blog is great for documenting all the little moments you want to remember - I started doing that in a journal - to my regret - I didn't keep it up and I find Todd remembering things and myself going "I don't remember her doing that? - your making that up right?"
anyway - I hope you are printing these out so that you have a record of all the sweet stuff! - and not so sweet stuff. I love that you have pictures of them crying as well as smileing! - it's life, it's real.

love you guys - miss ya