Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bedhead and Bananas

These pictures were taken after their nap, when JD had the cutest bedhead ever.

The rate infants change while becoming toddlers is INSANE!! It seems every day there is something new with one or both boys. JD is an excellent little walker now, which is a blast. They have fun walking around the house. I have fun chasing them! We started a form of Hide 'n Seek....I make sure they see me take off in some direction, then crouch down somewhere. They love to come and find me, and squeal with delight when I jump out and scare them. The boys also like corners for some reason...they like to find little nooks and sit in them.
Books are an increasing hit with the boys. Now they will actually listen to me read and point to the pictures. I get them involved more, like pointing to a dog and saying "what does a doggy say?". I constantly ask them if they can say different words. David likes to answer...sometimes his rendition actually sounds like the word!! JD rarely answers, and I am trying very, VERY hard to not be concerned by this. He has always taken to new things in his own time, so I will have patience for now.
David just started to follow me to the bathroom a couple of days ago...he will sit outside until I am finished. After JD sees him sitting there waiting for me, he will sit down too. I seriously thought I had another 6 months before THAT started!!! I should be used to it. The dog has been doing it for 4 years. :l
After weeks of giving them toast with different meals, the boys finally ate some today. I had no idea it takes that long for toddlers to try certain foods....I guess I figured as soon as they were given solids it would be like "oh YEah!!" but no. It's not. Their fave foods include yogurt, bananas, oatmeal, cream of wheat, muffins (especially bran), cheese, lasagna, and hamburgers. Of course, like all toddlers, they love to make a mess. And I love to watch them investigate textures and tastes! I just wish they would eat more...

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Peggy said...

Brandon loves to hide too, it's SO funny! I constantly try to get mine to say words also. Faith tries, but Brandon doesn't seem interested. I am trying not to be concerned too. I am not going to worry yet. Aren't twins a blast? I wish we could slow down time:(
I don't want my babies to grow up yet.